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International business is a great way to attain wealth and freedom to go where tyou choose.

This message is the fifth and last in a series that reviews how to continuously succeed in business. The series answers this question a reader asked:

“Gary, How do Gary/ Merri Scott continuously continue to produce uniquely insightful information for readers? How could I model just a small slice of Gary ‘s success online? I truly do not understand how you have been able to continuously grow for decades while evolving from print to internet/online, covering totally new locations, new businesses and completely new subject matter (not only investing, but health, language, Real Estate Retreats, Import/Export, Publishing, Country – UK, US, Ecuador, etc). What angle on marketing (small secrets) has allowed you to continuously succeed? I realize there are no miracles other than hard work, but any pointers to leverage?”

The first messages in this series looked first at business fundamentals that generate staying power so one can capitalize on success. Fundamental #1 is do a business you truly enjoy. #2. Live within your means. The #3 fundamental for staying power is to keep a flexible, evolving understanding of your customer’s needs.

These fundamentals form a pyramid of power that provides the balance needed for long term business success. That pyramid is built on happy workers, happy bankers and happy customers.

This message looks at marketing through the internet.

The internet is just one of many ways to reach potential customers. Yet it’s now the main way (along with customer referrals) we market our services.

This is a lifestyle decision for Merri and me. Internet marketing fits a small business like ours. After years of having an active, busy, direct mail, publishing business selling tens of thousands of high end printed reports, we sold most of the business and decided to focus only on internet delivered products (plus our in-person courses) and eliminate the hassle of direct mail and delivering physical products.

This suited our new lifestyle of living part of the summer and autumn in the Blue Ridge (far from sufficient postal service) and the rest of the time (even worse postal service) in Ecuador.

This suited us. You may wish to do more or less, but in either case internet marketing may help your business. I have friends with huge successful businesses that barely use the internet. Others (also large) use only the internet.

Fortunately timing for international internet business opportunity has never been better! Technology makes it possible to take your international internet business where opportunity is best and allows you to run this business from anywhere in the world. You can run your global business from an office or at home! The internet makes this more possible than ever before.

To begin, we did our best to get the readers of our printed material to shift to our internet service. We had about 23,000 readers and about a decade ago started telling them about our internet business. Then we quit the print business.

We quit printing but made it easy for readers who had not signed up to our internet service to find us on the internet later if they became wired. Go to just about any search engine and look for Gary Scott. We are #1 and #6 at Google right now out of about 37 million listings.

This gave us a base.

From this base we focused on search engines and customer referrals to help our list grow.

I encouraged readers to spread the word about our website using a report you can read at Lessons for Everlasting Wealth.

I hope you’ll spread the word and get the second half of the report as well.

This system doubled the size of our list over the next ten years. We ranked well at many search engines. Though we have never spent a penny in ads, by starting small and building with stepping stones and harmonious foci we now owned several key phrases at major sites such as Google and MSN.

Our two areas of great focus are “Ecuador Investments” with a special interest in Cotacachi and Galapagos plus “International Currency Investments”. Our business model is based around selling reports about Ecuador and our international currency educational service, plus conduct seminars about these subjects.

We focus on key phrases and have ranked well as you can see below.
Phrase February 25, 2007 Rankings Review
Cotacachi Real Estate Google #3 #4 #5 #6 MSN #5 #7
International Investments in Cotacachi Google #3 #4 #6 MSN #1 #3
Investments in Cotacachi Google #2 #3 #5 MSN #1 #6
International Investments in Galapagos Google #1 #2 #3 MSN #1 #2
International Investments in Ecuador Google #4 #5 #7 MSN #1 #2 #3

Chances are if someone anywhere in the world is interested in investments in Ecuador, if they search much on the web, they’ll see one of our sites!

In addition the impact of doing well with those words helps our currency publications and vice versa. Look at these phrases and their rankings.
Phrase February 25, 2007 Rankings Review
International Currency Trends Google #1 & #2 MSN #1 #2

We also write a lot about green and socially responsible investments, especially water and rank well there.
Phrase February 25, 2007 Rankings Review
International Investments in Environmental Concerns Google #1
International Water Investment Trends Google #3 #4 MSN #1

This all helps us rank well with general more looked at phrases.
Phrase February 25, 2007 Rankings Review
International Investments Trends Google #4 #5 MSN #1 #2
International Investment Trends Google #4 #5 MSN #2 #3

This led us to do well with the key phrase we seek at all the main search engines
Our Key Phrase Search Engine February 25, 2007 Rankings Review
International Currency Investments MSN #1
International Currency Investments Yahoo #1 #2 #4
International Currency Investments Ask Jeeves #1 & #2
International Currency Investments Google #2 & #3

Some days our tiny business even ranks high with the search phrase “International Investments.”

We ranked #5 for the phrase “International Investments” in February.

However search engines can be quirky and they change continually. We constanly review and upgrade our systems to rank well with key phrases we hope will develop new, good business.

Yet we have wanted something more reliable and have added Pay Per Click (PPC) at Google.

To start our PPC program, we use the three Ps (Person, Problem and Promise) to zero in on key phrases that we pay Google to rank us at our near the top as a sponsored link.

When a prospect clicks on our link, it leads them to a landing page.

We use bait, hook, line and sinker system to develop new customers from these prospects. The sinker is the search phrases we focused on. The baits are the ads we use at the internet to get readers to come to the landing page.

The hook is our landing page and the ensuing free report that develops trust as we help the reader define his or her problem and make our promises to help solve them.

Rather than explain how this works, give it a try. Go to

This is the landing page for our Ecuador Living marketing thread. The goal of this landing page is to convince prospects to sign up for a free nine chapter report.

Sign up, and you will see how we then fill our promise.

Keep in mind as you study the three PPPs..the Problem, the Person and the Promise!

Our correspondence course, International Business Made EZ, shows how to develop a hook line and sinker internet marketing plan. Get details at International Business Made EZ E-Mail Correspondence Course

The internet is the Colt 45 of business, the great equalizer. Using the internet can help you have your own global business for wealth and freedom.

Why Ecuador?

On the subject of Ecuador Steve, our man in Ecuador, just sent this note.

Glenn and Carol, as you know Gary, bought one of the studios in Primavera, your apartment complex. They’re all moved in and love sitting out on the roof terrace either watching the sun come up behind Imbabura volcano or watching the sun set, listening to the song birds and enjoying a glass of wine. They tell me they’ve really enjoyed shopping to furnish for the studio. Here they are below … Dusk on the terrace.


Until next message, may all your international internet business opportunities be good.


Here is our schedule of Ecuadorian courses for the balance of 2007.

July 17 – July 22, Tues. – Sun. Import-Export Course. See Ecuador Exports Tour

Sept. 26 – 30, Weds. – Sun. Condensed Super Thinking + Spanish. Ecuador Spanish Course through Super Thinking + Super Memory

Nov. 9 – 11, Fri. – Sun. International Business & Investing Made EZ. International Business Made EZ, Ecuador, November 9, 10, 11, 2007

Nov. 12 – 14, Mon. – Weds. Andes Extension & Real Estate Tour. Ecuador Real Estate

Nov. 15 – 17, Fri. – Sun. Andean Shamanic Tour. Ecuador Shaman Mingo Tour