International Business in Roses Creates Rosy Opportunity

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International business or investing can protect against inflation.

The ultimate protection against rising prices is your ability to run your own international business. There are numerous ways to do this in Ecuador and one great way right now is with roses.

Yesterday’s message (see International Business in Roses) looked at the most recent roses we shipped from Ecuador . We ordered 250 glorious, fresh cut, long stem roses….really fresh. They were cut in Ecuador on Sunday. The cost was only $166 or about 66 cents a rose including shipping! Merri loved them. Today they are opening into glorious fragrant bouquets.

This is a huge difference between fresh cut roses and those bought in grocery or discount stores. The typical grocery store rose comes without an aroma in a tightly wound flower. They are so exhausted from the journey, they never open. In two or three days they drop and then rot never having opened their gorgeous display.

Not so with ours. Day two they are just starting to open. Here are what those in our bedroom look like.


The reds on our dining room table are becoming exquisite as well.


As are those in the kitchen.


Generally we’ll be able to enjoy this beauty for a week or more.

The beauty and romantic appeal of these incredible flowers creates a business opportunity. Flowers are always a healthy business. Even during the worst depression America has ever known (the 30s) that the rose business still thrived (people would forego food to have flowers in their homes).

Fresh roses offer special niche potential because they are different than flowers you normally find in the store. In our international business course, I continually harp on the importance of selling any type of commodity. The only way to compete with a commodity is by price. Getting into price wars wrecks profits!

Fresh roses insure that one does not compete with WalMart, Costco and other giant retailers that buy millions of roses and sell them for as little as a $12 a dozen. One time I bought a batch of fresh roses from Ecuador and a dozen from Colombia , that were selling at our local store in a special promotion for $6.88.

I wanted to compare the longevity and staying power.

The roses from supermarkets and discounters have smaller bulbs and are not of the same quality or freshness. These roses may appear cheaper, but in the long run are not, when you factor in vase life and time taken to get to the store and buy the roses.

The mass producers ship lower quality bouquets in bulk to warehouse and then truck them to stores. The roses are not so nice to begin with. By the time they reach the stores freshness is gone.

When you take quality into account, there is no competition. For example the dozen roses I had from Ecuador opened immediately and fully. They have large, bright bulbs with about nine layers of petals. The WalMart roses were so old and tired that these smaller heads barely opened. At best they had four layers of petals. Some bulbs remained closed and never opened.

After three days, the WalMart flowers were brown at the petal’s edge and drooping. The Ecuador flowers were still bright and open. What I learned was important for building a flower business.

A recent message outlined why the Ecuadorian rose business is especially good at this time. The 25% revaluation of the Columbian Peso has increased the cost of flower production in Columbia , forcing some farms to close down thus providing more opportunities for Ecuadorian growers. In US dollar terms, growing costs in Ecuador remain the same (or just a little more each year with inflation and mandatory government raises). As the supply decreases from Columbia , there will be more demand from Ecuador and the Ecuadorians will raise prices to adjust for a tighter market until there is more production in Ecuador to make up the difference. But this rise does not equal the rise of the Colombian peso.

The Ecuador business we buy from is run by a group of flower growers and they overnight flowers at very low prices. Normally you can have approximately 150 long stem (50 or 60 cm stems) roses on your doorstep for $110 including shipping or at about 80 cents a stem. At times the price is even less (as with my recent order 66 cents a rose).

They have 45 varieties of flowers and are starting an organic line later this year. You can call them free and speak English at 866-978-0582.

Or you can contact Carolyn at or David at

At 80 cents a stem I think these fresh flowers can be marketed nicely through a party plan. Imagine this.

Have a party once every two weeks. Teach those who come about the difference between fresh and super market roses. Offer at each party a floral arrangement idea. Sell the roses at $29.99 a dozen. The equivalent flowers purchased from a florist would cost about $69 a dozen!

Natural Health Ayurved – A Rose Any Name

On the subject of roses summer is almost here and this is the time when cooling should be an important part of nutrition. Summer heat builds in the body and can create many heat imbalances.

One delicious way to help reduce heat is rose petal jam. The rose is called the king of flowers for many reasons beyond its beauty and a type of rose petal jam called Gulkand is a general tonic of Ayurveda. This jam is rich in calcium and has antioxidant activity. It can be used year-round but is especially good in the hot summer.

Rose petals are used in making `Gulkand’. It is traditionally used as a cooling tonic to combat fatigue, lethargy, muscular aches, biliousness, itching, and.heat-related conditions. You can buy this online or at most health food and oriental stores.

Until next message, may all your health and wealth be coming up roses!


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