Ecuador Exports are Coming Up Roses

by | May 31, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador exports can pay off in many ways…such as enhanced beauty at unbelievable savings.

Merri and I wrapped up our May International Business and Investing Made EZ course with a sigh. This has been our busiest season yet. We began the new year in Ecuador with a course and have not stopped since.

Merri especially works hard to prepare these courses, confirming all the delegates, making sure they have transportation, getting the rooms set up, readying all the cabins and houses plus doing a lot of cooking for the group.

So at the end of this course we have a wonderful 15 weeks yawning ahead without conducting a course. I’ll be speaking at Jyske Bank’s conference this August in Copenhagen but, after the hustle of conducting an entire course Jyske’s biannual event is just fun for both of us.

To celebrate this break I sent Merri some flowers, fresh cut, biological (fewer chemicals used in the growing) long stem roses.

How many? A dozen?

Before you answer, remember I’m the guy from Ecuador!

Possibly Ecuador is the least expensive place to buy someone you love a bouquet of roses. In the shops you can buy them for a dollar a dozen and if you take the trouble to go to the plantations themselves you can get a bouquet of 25 for one buck.

In the US, they cost quite a bit more because of the expedited shipping…but not as much as you would think if you buy them freshly cut direct from Ecuador.

I did not fiddle around. Merri works hard and this was serious appreciation. Her bouquet consisted of 250, fresh cut roses in a variety of colors. Here I am in our back yard getting ready to prepare the floral arrangements.


First, I soaked the roses in one of the kitchen farm sinks.


Then the arranging began and it did not take much. Making floral displays is fun and even with a few flowers a lot can be done to make beautiful arrangements using imagination and a bit of finesse. Yet with 250 flowers all one needs to do is depend on the raw power!

The kitchen was already heady from the wonderful floral aromas by the time I placed this arrangement on the island.


The dining room table bouquet is the largest.

Ecuador Exports Photo #4


Our living room was jazzed up a bit in yellow.

Ecuador Exports Photo #5


As was the entrance to the house.

Ecuador Exports Photo #6


Tonight we’ll enjoy sweet, rosy dreams sleeping amidst these.

Ecuador Exports Photo #7


All in all, the gesture was a glorious success. Merri loved the roses, the beauty, the aroma, my arrangements and volume in such instances is always a help.

What was the cost for these 250, fresh cut biological roses?

A mere $166 delivered within days of being cut in Ecuador.

Ecuador may be one of the least expensive places to buy roses, but buying them from Ecuador can surround you with such glorious beauty at a cost that is still amazingly small. These roses are well cared for and are not stressed by chemicals or 24 hour lighting so they have a wonderful aroma, open slowly and last for a longer time. Fed Ex brought them all the way through the farm and right up to the door…an amazing feat considering the distance.

These prices also create business opportunity. Next message shows how the roses look after a day when they open and review how a person can earn income importing roses from Ecuador.

Until then, may all your views be through rose colored glasses.


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