Brazilian Investment Opportunity

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Brazilian investment opportunity grows. Numerous recent messages have pointed out the benefits of Brazilian investments.

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Those who invested in Brazilian investment bonds early on, when we were earning 12%, 13% and even more, are really cashing in now.

Brazilian bonds are yielding much less but still pay nearly 9%. Here are two Brazilian investments bonds listed by Jyske Bank last week.

Brazilian Investment Bonds


Currency Coupon Maturity Date Borrower Price Yield
BR 12.5 05/01/2022 BRAZIL 128.85 8.93%
BR 12.5 05/01/2016 BRAZIL 122.45 8.74%

Jyske Bank says: “Last week Fitch upgraded Brazil from BB to BB+, and the country is thus only one notch away from investment grade. Moody’s rating of the country is one notch lower but with a positive outlook, while S&P’s rating at Ba3 is two notches lower than that of Fitch. One of the reasons for the upgrade was the sharply rising reserves which can cover the foreign debt almost twice. The Brazilian real was not significantly affected by the upgrade, since the sentiment in the Brazilian market was positive in advance.”

Brazilian investments offer good value, a good return and offer potential for added forex growth.

The Brazilian investment portion of our Swiss Samba portfolio helped it jump 6.26% in just the past two weeks!

As you can see below the performance since we began tracking the Swiss Samba Portfolio November 2006 is impressive.

Portfolios 2007 Dec 29 Jan 30 Feb 26 Mar 27 Apr 30 May 11
Swiss Samba Latin Emerging Shares & Bonds 8.10% 10.18% 20.49% 16.15% 26.60% 32.86%


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