Leverage Can Enhance Wealth

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Leverage can enhance wealth because it is energy, added strength and power. When directed correctly, it can dramatically enhance profit.

Take, for example, the leverage in the Green Investment Portfolio we developed with Jyske Bank and regularly track. This portfolio has risen 135% in six months. $100,000 was invested in November 2006 and the portfolio is now worth $235,000. Part of this profit is because all the shares in the portfolio have performed well. Plus all the currencies these shares are denominated in (except the yen) have risen versus the US dollar as well. The rest is leverage.

Leverage in the Green Investment Portfolio
Currency Share

Value Now
EUR Seche Environnement

DKK Novozymes B

DKK Vestas Wind Systems

JPY Kurita Water Industr.6370

EUR Q-Cells Ag

SGD Hyflux Ltd


Yet the leverage has more than tripled the profit. This portfolio started with a $100,000 investment but borrowed $200,000 of Japanese yen to triple its investing power.

Had only $100,000 been invested (in the same percentages) in the Green Investment Portfolio, its value would now be about $144,327. $88,654 profit comes from the leveraged investments.

The Green Portfolio has performed so nicely because we got absolutely everything right. We borrowed a low interest currency that has fallen against all the invested currencies. We used the leverage to invest in high potential shares and we got the shares right. The profits exploded upwards.

We just do not want to forget that the reverse can be true.

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Leverage Can Enhance Health

Yesterday’s message showed this passport photo at age 21.


Even at the young age, I was a physical mess. I had been smoking since I was 16, drinking alcohol (too much) just about as long and weighed in at 226 pounds.

I can safely say that at age 60 I can do more physically, walk, run, lift, etc. than I could then.

That’s because one day I had a wake up call and realized that overweight, heavy smoking, hard drinking, non exercising people do not live as long or as well as those who avoid these bad habits.

From that time forward I have paid attention to my health. The first focus was on consciousness, second on nutrition and third on exercise.

Yet my lifestyle of travel and way too much work (which I love) sometimes makes it hard for me to get as much exercise as I should.

This brings me to leverage in health and the rebounder, an excellent health tool. The rebounder is a mini trampoline that is amazingly effective for many health purposes. Modern science has not been able to identify and label the underlying specifics of gravity. Yet we do know that gravity has a major impact on every aspect of our lives. Our bodies in a way are anti-gravity machines. This universal pull has an influence on the movement of our blood, our lymph, our skin and almost every part of our being.

Trampolines have a profound effect on our bodies because they magnify gravity.

Whatever one does on a trampoline, the exercise is compounded by the leverage gained through the kinetic energy stored in the springs (on the way down). This energy is pushed back through the body (on the way up) and can have enormous health benefits in many ways. Some use rebounders to increase strength, (every exercise on a trampoline gives you extra effect because of this leverage), but many including Merri and me use it just to exercise our lymph systems. This requires only 12 minutes a day of the lightest bouncing (your toes don’t even need to leave the trampoline..just let your heels gradually bounce up and down).

Even this light movement magnified by the springs pushes your body from zero gravity (at the top) to 2 g’s (at the bottom). This motion moves the lymph along and strengthens the body’s ability to keep the lymph moving to enhance the immune system.

There are few ways you can gain such a concentrated health benefit for just 12 minutes a day!

Take a look at the word rebounder at google.com and you will see hundreds of listings about (and selling) rebounders. There are many options at many prices and for the simple easy lymphatic cleansing bounce there is not really any reason to spend more than the minimum amount.

Like investing, leverage can also work against you so take it easy when bouncing!

So whether you want to expand your energy for more money or to feel better….consider leverage.

Until next message, good health and wealth.


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