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Nutritional Cleansing Tips in Spring are important because this is a good time to cleanse the body.

There is another great spring nutritional cleansing Merri and I learned from a Shaman who lived high in the Andes . Though the village where he lived had no running water, he always glowed and with skin looked fresh and clean. I questioned their secret and this is what they said.

This nutritional cleansing is delightful and works inside and out! Take six packets of chamomile tea, six long cinnamon sticks and a handful of black cardamom. Boil them thoroughly in a couple quarts of water. Set aside a cup or two to drink. Dilute the balance in three to five gallons of water as hot as you find good. Get in a bathtub or shower. Sit in a meditative pose, relax and slowly ladle cup after cup over your head and entire body. When through, do not rinse or towel dry. Let your hair and body dry naturally. You’ll feel clean with a warm glow, smell like apple pie and your skin and hair will shine! Drink the tea as well so you cleanse from the inside and out. (Although there was no indoor bathroom, Merri and I often did this cleanse at his instruction by sitting on a small wooden grate and slowly just poured the water over us.)

Nutritional Cleansing Mists of Ecuador

Another nutritional cleansing tip that the shaman shared was to take morning walks in the morning mists, with your arms bare. The hydrogen ions absorb free radicals and cleanse you from the outside in.

These walks can be wonderfully enjoyable as well. Such beauty in the mornings. Reader Dennis Goff who now lives part time with us in Cotacachi shared these pictures of the mists in the village square (55 steps from our hotel’s doorstep at 6 am.

Spring is especially wonderful when the golden rain trees and frangipani are in bloom.


Until next message good health, wealth and wonderful morning mists to you!


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