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Ecuador shaman’s health tip. Have a Delicious Spring Cleaning Tip

Twice a year (spring and fall) I remind readers about the excellent book, “The 3-Season Diet”, written by a long time acquaintance, John Douillard. You can order it at John’s website. John has worked with Merri and me and we have attended several of his courses. He is a former professional athlete, helped train Billy Jean King, is a consultant to the New Jersey Nets and runs an Ayurvedic and chiropractic sports medicine practice in Boulder, Colorado.

This book is an excellent health generator on how to lose weight, beat food cravings and get fit. The 3 Season Diet points out that there are three growing seasons, spring, summer and fall. We should have three diets we vary through the year, low calorie-low fat in spring, high carbohydrate in summer and high protein in winter. This creates a food supply that fits the body’s requirements as it shifts to adapt to each of these seasons.

So it’s time to be switching our eating routines. At the beginning of the switch it’s also a good idea to do a bit of purification. Ayurvedic healers recommend internal cleansing at the change of each eating season.

Digestion is vital for good health. Spring, is thought the ideal time to rejuvenate digestion, as this is nature’s time for rejuvenation. With the melting of the snows and the thawing of the ground, the fluids in the body also start flowing more freely and performing an internal cleansing routine can help flush toxins out of the body.

One way to get cleansing started is to eat plenty of cooked apples and pears to get elimination going in the morning. Prunes, pineapple, papaya and pomegranate are other fruits that aid digestion and cleansing.

One trick Merri and I learned from a healer in the Andes to eat just pineapple for an evening meal (eaten on an empty stomach).

We are just back in North Carolina from Ecuador and yesterday was our first trip off the farm to town for shopping. First, on our list was pineapple and pears. Wow did we have sticker shock!

Ecuador shaman’s health is inexpensive.

A pineapple in Ecuador is 50 cents. Here, $4.99. Down south we can buy a large bag of pears (perhaps 12 to 15 pears) for $1. Here, two pears (not so fresh either) cost $1.69.

On the subject of food in Ecuador shamans and health we have developed quite a healthy menu, focused around the Andean grain Quinoa at El Meson de las Flores Quinoa Café. This has attracted so much attention that our chef, Santiago , has been on national TV cooking Quinoa and Trout specialties and is regularly interviewed on radio. Here he is.

That leads to quite an interesting story about our recent departure form there when we headed back here to the US . Don’t miss it in tomorrow’s message!

Until tomorrow, good health, wealth and international investments to you!


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