Green Investments Up 135.11%

by | Apr 30, 2007 | Archives

Green investments can be amazingly good investments. Last week, when I received our latest Multi Currency Portfolio update I quoted Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank who wrote:

“Hi Gary , Attached is the latest multi currency portfolio update – The story continues…. Our ‘worst’ performing fund is up 21.7% in less than six months. The green investments portfolio simply ‘powers’ ahead now up almost 120%.

I had planned to then send our Multi-Currency subscribers this data about the green investments portfolio in the upcoming Multi Currency Update.

Yet before I could get this information about green investments out, Thomas updated us again and sent this note:

“Gary, The attached up-date is self explanatory but again it is incredible returns- green investments are now up 135%!!! Outperforming the environment-outperforming the market! Thomas”

Here is the six month performance of the five Multi-Currency Portfolios that I developed along with Jyske Bank and we are tracking this year. These are not the annualized projections. This is the actual growth of these portfolios in the last six months.


You can get our upcoming portfolio update and learn why these portfolios have performed so well. See International Investments Course with Multi Currency Investments and Portfolios

Until next message may all your green investments be good.

At our upcoming IBEZ in N.C., we will update our green investments and other multi-currency portfolios and much more. Join us May 25 – 27, 2007 at the International Business and Investing Course in North Carolina . Thomas Fischer joins me to update global economics there.