Ecuador Real Estate Grows with Compassion

by | Apr 28, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate will grow in value because Ecuador has many wonderful features. Compassion is one beautiful part of being in Ecuador . Ecuador real estate gains as people from up north become fed up with the harshness of the system. They become disgusted with the lack of humanity in the government, the courts, the police, the entire system.

Ecuador’s system allows for a human touch, for interpretation of the spirit of a regulation that goes beyond the letter of the law. For example in our village of Cotacachi, Ecuador, this man stands in one of the main intersections of the village and directs traffic. Dressed in the typical grey cameo of the Ecuador traffic police, he has his whistle, works all day, saves the community the cost of a stop light. He gets the job done.

Ecuador Real Estate Grows with Compassion Photo #1


Where does compassion come in? This old man is not a policeman…not even an official of any kind. He is not an employee of the municipality, just a poor person who is unemployed. Yet he has become a regular feature in this Ecuador town, People give him small tips as they drive by. This gives him his livelihood and his dignity. No one in Ecuador sees him as just an old unemployed guy? Human beings are never just anything. That’s the feeling in Ecuador. Everyone knows who he is and what he is doing and they leave him to it.

We see this human touch in Ecuador again and again. I believe Ecuador real estate will benefit from this.

Imagine how long a homeless, self appointed traffic director would last in the West. In most places not long. The letter of the law would not let him do it! Not to mention the insurance and liability concerns.

A delegate just wrote this note. “Dear Gary, We were also very impressed with the kindness of the people in Ecuador. Even after we left Quito on the way back and had a lay over in Guayaquil. Everyone had to deplane and go through security again. A uniformed officer came up to me and said, ‘I have spoken to the crew. Since you are on a cane, you can stay on the aircraft while we do the security sweep’. I challenge anyone to believe that would happen here.”

We try to encourage Ecuador ’s compassion with a program to feed the homeless at our Ecuador hotel El meson de las Flores . Here is one of the homeless people we help feed at El Meson.

Ecuador Real Estate Grows with Compassion Photo #2


Because of this humanity Ecuador real; estate also benefits from fewer liability concerns. This means the costs of Ecuador real estate and services remain really low!

For example our man in Ecuador, Steve, just wrote:

“I spent a couple of hours helping a guest who had an insect bite that became infected. We went to the hospital by taxi – $1. Waited half an hour in emergency, then a very sweet lady doctor and slightly sterner but also very pleasant nurse proceeded to clean and disinfect the wound on the swollen leg. Cost of treatment – $3 !! (It’s so low you feel kind of embarrassed paying). Then we were led by the nurse to the in-hospital pharmacy and bought anti-biotic pills, an antibiotic cream and a painkiller – total $5.10. Then we were shown out of the hospital and jumped back in a cab for El Meson – another $1. Grand Total $10.10. In the US this would have cost $150 for similar attention before any medicines were bought. That’s inflation busting – Ecuadorian style!”

Until next message may all of Ecuador ’s and your real estate be blessed by compassion.


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