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Ecuador Real Estate Benefits in Imbabura Benefits from Interesting People

Recently, I was sitting with several delegates in the courtyard of our Ecuador hotel El Meson de las Flores the other day.

Here is a picture of the courtyard of El meson de las Flores.

Ecuador Real Estate Benefits Photo # 1


Delegates really enjoy dining Al Fresco in the sun.

One delegate commented, “Gary one thing I love about being here in Ecuador is I meet so many interesting people.

This is true, at that moment there was an Englishman at the table that had traveled around the world. An Ecuadorian who was a Fulbright Scholar and had working knowledge of Switzerland, the US and Japan as well as Ecuador. Plus two Americans with us who arrived in Ecuador in their hand built RV and that they had driven 30,000 miles around South America.

Here is the vehicle, a customized Unimog that will go almost anywhere. Everything electric in this four wheel drive RV is run entirely on solar power. The vehicle has so many features I cannot describe it. Michael and Renee VanPelt were visiting on their way back from a journey that took them through Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador. They are custom building these RVs and this was the test run of their first model.

Here is the Unimog in Cotacachi Ecuador square.

Ecuador Real Estate Benefits Photo # 2


Some of the staff were working on the upgrade of another room when Mike arrived. They all came out, astounded but delighted to see.

Here they are.

Ecuador Real Estate Benefits Photo # 3


You can learn more from Michael at

Plus there was another American visiting who had just purchased a vineyard in Argentina. Read about this tomorrow.

Until next message I hope Ecuador can make your life better as well.


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