Ecuador Construction in Cotacachi

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Ecuador construction is interesting and many readers responded to Monday’s message asking about the condos we are buying.

These new condos are under construction here in Ecuador. Since the builder of these apartments, Jorge Quilambaci is a native American (as is Merri) we are using native American names for each of the buildings. Each of the four buildings is named after a mountain that can be viewed from the condos. One building is called Taita Imbabura. Taita means grandfather, and this is the grand mountain which this province (Imbabura) is named after. Another is Warmy Razu which means “lovely woman”.

Then, if we sell these two blocks (16 apartments), we will commit to building Yanu Urcu and Huayra Pungo.

Jorge has started Warmy Razu. Bricks and steel have arrived and we are working on foundations.

First this Ecuador construction starts with the rebar and bricks for the start.

Ecuador Construction Photo #1


The Ecuador construction begins with the footers, 16 of them about five feet deep and four feet wide, filled with concrete. This is the Ecuadorian equivalent of a backhoe, guys with shovels and picks.

Ecuador Construction Photo #2


Then, a rebar mesh is placed at the bottom and rebar for the columns is attached. Three wood poles are attached to keep the re bar straight

Ecuador Construction Photo #3


Then the hole is filled with concrete. This is the Ecuadorian equivalent of a cement truck. Two guys mix the concrete on the ground and shovel it into a small wheel barrow.

Ecuador Construction Photo #4


Here you can get a feel for the foot print of the building.

Ecuador Construction Photo #5


Last night we brought the builder (in the blue shirt below) and the entire crew in gave them dinner and thanks for the wonderful work they do.

Ecuador Construction Photo #6


The buildings will end up looking like this.

Ecuador Construction Photo #7


Here are the gardens being visited by our pumpkin patch hound, Mahananda.

Ecuador Construction Photo #8


Here is an inside shot of one of the studios where we are living now as well…and Ma too.

Ecuador Construction Photo #9


Here are a few more shots: Our friends who built the condos and an interior shot of one of the three bedroom units.

Ecuador Construction Photo #10


The condos provide a modern counterpoint to the traditional buildings of Cotacachi. Large windows let in the bright, tropical light on all sides, and give views of the volcanoes in every direction. A beautiful garden is a relaxing spot to sit and watch the moon rise through the eucalyptus trees.

Ecuador Construction Photo #11


Ecuador Construction Photo #12

20070406d_1.jpg 20070406e.jpg

Here I am on the roof garden with Ma. But we left a seat for you!

Ecuador Construction Photo #12

20070406f_1.jpg 20070406g_2.jpg

These units are about ten minutes walk from the village center and El Meson.

To give you an idea of the area and the construction the buildings will be just like the one pictured above and will sit in these trees. This shot is taken from the existing building pictured above.

Ecuador Construction Photo #14


The buildings are being built on 1.5 acres and the construction ends at the large cypress tree (upper right above). The balance of the land, all the way across the picture down to the creek, (over a third of an acre) will be in gardens. You can see the end of the gardens in the first completed (all sold) building in the lower right hand corner to give you an idea of proximity.

Ecuador Construction Photo #15


The views will include many mountains including Mt. Cotacachi below:

Ecuador Construction Photo #16


and Imbabura.

Ecuador Construction Photo #17


Each building will have two studios of 750 square feet on the top floor which will be for sale at $44,500. We will also have two three bedroom 2.5 bathroom units of 1,250 square feet offered at $54,500 on the ground floor. The two bedroom two bath room balcony of 1,250 square feet will have bigger bedrooms and bathroom and there will be four per building, two on the second and third floor. These will also be available at $54,500.

Until next message, may all your constructions be good.


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