Ecuador Real Estate Magic in Cotacachi

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Ecuador real estate can offer magic when there is so much value.

The Ecuador real estate (Primavera condos) we bought and resold are completed.

Since we are buying more condos for our readers, let me share a note from Donna Fox, one of the owners who was just here with us in Cotacachi Ecuador.


Ecuador Real Estate Magic Quote

“Four months ago, my husband, Bob and I, attended your International Business and Investing course in Cotacachi, Ecuador. We stayed for the real estate extension to look at potential investment property. What we found is our second home at the Primavera Condos in Cotacachi! Almost like magic!

“Today, I am returning to the US after a quick visit to see the CONDO’S progress and bring down some supplies. I want to report that our condo is finished beautifully, comfortably and economically furnished and ready for our next, much longer, visit. This lovely, 3BR, 2.5 Bath, 1200 square foot condo with views of the Andes from every room came together like magic.

“We look forward to living in our new second home in Cotacachi for much of the year. The smallest bedroom is set up as an office for Bob (Robert E. Levasseur) who will be able to continue his work as a full time Ph.D. professor of Management with an accredited on-line university, and as President of MindFire Press, an Internet-based self-publishing business focused on lifelong learning. Gary and Merri, never in all my life did I imagine it would be possible to live outside the US in a country whose language I am only beginning to learn, much less find, furnish and establish a turn-key second home within a few months! Our first international real estate investment! Much affection and gratitude! Donna Fox.”

Here are some pictures Donna sent:




Ecuador Real Estate Magic Photo #4





Here are some more shots of the studio unit where Merri and I have temporarily moved.






For more details send me a note at

Until next message, may your spring be magic as well.


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