Ecuador Real Estate & Organic Food

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Ecuador Real Estate & Organic Food gain special value because Ecuador has such good soil. This makes growing organically easier to do.

A recent message noted how ten minutes from our hotel in Ecuador, El Meson de las Flores, there is an organic vineyard. We have organic wine tastings with our groups who visit us to look at Ecuador real estate. The vineyard is small and produces 10,000 bottles year divided into white, red and rose.

However this is not all. Ecuador real estate is good for cheese as well. The owners of the vineyard have built an organic Swiss cheese factory.

Merri and I visited this wonderful piece of Ecuador real estate, sat on a broad veranda, looked over lush mountains and enjoy a glass of wine and some of this delicious cheese that is identical to Emmenthal. The owners brought a Swiss cheese master in to set up the operation and train the staff. He even built a rock cave with controlled temperatures for the cheese. We do not drink alcohol often nor eat a lot of cheese, but that was a rare treat!

Here is our chef Santiago at El Meson de las Flores serving some of Ecuador’s wonderful organic wine and cheeze.

Ecuador Real Estate & Organic Food Photo # 1


Recent messages show that Ecuador real estate has it all, organic wine, wonderful music, compassion, interesting people and even organic cheese!

Until next message may you also have it all.


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