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NATURAL AWAKENINGS in yesterday’s natural awakenings message looked at the latest FHA guidance which says:

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“Neither the Act nor the PHs Act exempts CAM products from regulation.”

This means as we talked about yesterday, for example, if a person decides to “produce and sell raw vegetable juice for use in juice therapy to promote optimal health, that product is a food subject to the requirements for foods in the Act and FDA regulations, including the hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system requirements for juices in 21 CFR part 120. If -the juice therapy is intended for use as part of a disease treatment regimen instead of for the general wellness, the vegetable juice would also be subject to regulation as a drug under the Act.”

That message asked, “Does this mean that when mom says “drink up your juice or eat your fresh vegetables, they are good for you” will she be dispensing selling restricted drugs or practicing unlicensed medicine?

Others fear this might be so and worse. A reader just sent me this note:

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“Gary, A careful reading of the new CAM Guidelines published by the Food and Drug Administration reveals that items used in religious ceremony are now subject to being regulated as drugs or medical devices. Holy water, anointing oils, prayer beads, rosaries and even religious paintings or sculptures can now be classified as drugs or medical devices and essentially outlawed by the FDA.

“Sound absurd? It is absurd. But read the article yourself to get the details. Essentially, ANY object to which a therapeutic value is claimed can be classified as a medical device. So if a church says that prayer beads have a therapeutic effect on a person, the FDA suddenly deems those prayer beads to be medical devices.

“ANY oil or water to which a therapeutic value is claimed is considered a ‘drug’. Holy water, for example, which is often described as imparting a therapeutic effect upon those who consume it or come into contact with it, is quite clearly considered a ‘drug’ by the FDA and could easily be regulated as such.

“It’s not what’s in the water that counts, it’s the claims attributed to it. Any object can be instantly transformed into a ‘medical device’ by simply stating that it has some sort of therapeutic effect on a person. As a result, YOUR religious practices could be regulated by the FDA, and any person in your church who uses objects in healing, enhancing or providing therapeutic benefits to other individuals could be arrested for ‘practicing medicine without a license.'”

Another reader sent me this note

Natural Awakenings Quote

“Following are comments posted today on the Mercola website regarding an article concerning Monsanto’s use of artificial growth hormones to stimulate milk production in their dairies. This information hit me like a slap in the face and I think everyone should know about it:

“I live on a small acreage [in Iowa] and raise my own chickens for meat and eggs, as well as raise my own goats for milk and to sell for meat. I sell my eggs and chicken to others in my area. Pretty soon, the gov’t will not allow me to do this as they are trying to institute the NAIS–National Animal Identification System. I don’t know if any of you are aware of this huge gov’t big brother program, but if you are at all interested in buying your food locally and/or organically, you need to oppose this program! Pretty soon I will have to either buy very expensive equipment to microchip and report to the gov’t the ‘going’s on’ on my small farm or stop raising animals altogether. If I simply refuse to participate, I could be reported (the mailman, meter reader, vet, etc are all mandatory reporters now) and have my animals confiscated as well as fines and jail time. Go to for more info. If you go to the USDA website and search for NAIS, you will be utterly scared! It’s a spooky big brother thing they’ve got going on. Oh, and my horses? No more trial rides unless I ask the gov’t permission. No more 4H for my children either. Write your reps in Washington and locally! Please educate yourselves and be aware of this program! Thanks from all of us who try to help others and ourselves with healthier food… [my emphasis….] The government is starting to behave just like the Gestapo. Don’t tell me they are not building a police state here. When they demand that you let them slip that chip under YOUR skin or go to jail, you’ll know the trap has been snapped shut!”

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Until tomorrow’s message, may freedom ring somewhere for you.


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