Ecuador Export Ideas for Financial Freedom

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Ecuador export ideas can bring you freedom of choice.

Merri and I are preparing to fly back to the US for a couple of months, get our lettuce, corn, beans, peas, pumpkins and squash planted, plus give our hound dog a chance to roam the farm.

This freedom to live in places we love that we choose is so wonderful. The sun always shines somewhere, in opportunity, in weather and in sweetness of people.

So to stay in touch during our travels north, I have written a series looking at freedom of all types. We began yesterday with a review of the Soil Defense Syndrome. This syndrome is created when people or institutions with hidden agendas try to restrict our various freedoms.

One of the most powerful ways to overcome such restrictions is to know how to earn anywhere in the world. This is why we have asked Maggie to conduct a number of Import/Export courses. These courses are working as well!

Here is what one delegate wrote:

“This note of thanks is too long overdue. Please excuse us for using email to express our gratitude rather than using ‘snail mail’ to send an appropriate card. We very much enjoyed our recent trip to Ecuador and you were a big part of making our visit so informative as well as fun. You are a wonderful guide! We feel very fortunate to have spent the week with you. Thank you for all that you did for us; it is very much appreciated. Especially, thanks for your patience and good humor. You made our trip special. We are toying with the idea of exporting women’s leather handbags. We were wondering if you might know any quality craftsmen who wholesale leather purses? We also loved the silver jewelry. We bought several pieces which we will sell on eBay, just to see how well we can do with jewelry. Your son, Luke, is a darling boy with an outstanding personality. Butch especially enjoyed sharing the bus rides with him. Please tell him that we send our best wishes. We wish you both well and we hope to see you when we are next able to visit Ecuador. We are planning another trip within the year to buy products to sell. Please keep in touch. Again, thank you for your warm hospitality, the DVD on Ecuador, the wealth of information you imparted to us and all the kindnesses you extended. Our best. Regards.”

“Gary, The coffee I brought home, Rio Intag, is really good. I took the suggestion to use a French press and it is SO good. I inquired at some local coffee shops and they are interested in getting some samples; however, they roast their own beans, so I would need to bring back ‘green beans’. Would that be possible and does this idea have any merit for Import/Export? I noted that the Café Tostado En Grano that I brought home is ‘100% Arabica and is shade grown under native trees’. If it is Organic to boot and perhaps ‘fair trade’, I think I could do a pretty good business with it. Thanks”

Another wrote:

“Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful 12 days. Lisa and I had a great time. Lisa’s mother got her flowers today and she says they are spectacular.

I have asked the flower supplier about importing them here to Atlanta for central distribution. We are also investigating importing the wooden mini blinds we saw in one of the houses for sale in Cotacachi. Thanks again for a great experience. Cheers,”

One reason these courses are helping so many delegates earn income is Steve’s’s great international experience. Steve has such an extensive background in travel and import/export that he has uncovered find after find. So much so that I asked Maggie  to share a little of his background.

One of the new products we will review for export potential at the April 20 course is honey boxes from the Ecuador Honey Company. These are the most unusual boxes you’ve seen. Details: Ecuador Exports Tour

These come in packs of 3, 4, 6 or 9 bottles and includes honey with whole Macadamia nuts or crushed Macadamia. Also available is Tropical honey, Eucalyptus honey, Blackberry honey and several other tropical fruits honeys.

You can see samples at the website

We’ll see how Todd Smith can help us sell exports with photos. Todd is a professional photographer who came down and has taken hundreds of pictures to help share in visual form the excitement of our courses in Ecuador. The pictures below were taken by Todd. Learn how he can help you by contacting him at

We’ll see tailor made suits at ridiculously low costs. Mine here was only $130!

Ecuador Export Ideas for Financial Freedom Photo # 2


We’ll meet Montero, one of many great artists who can offer incredible, unique products for you to import. This is one of his water colors.

Ecuador Export Ideas for Financial Freedom Photo # 3


We’ll meet Marco Lopez one of the great carving masters.

Ecuador Export Ideas for Financial Freedom Photo # 4


Who does work like this and incredible antique desks tables and chairs.

Ecuador Export Ideas for Financial Freedom Photo # 5


We’ll see almost every type of leather product that exists!

Ecuador Export Ideas for Financial Freedom Photo # 6


Plus all types of flowers

Ecuador Export Ideas for Financial Freedom Photo # 7


We’ll look again at flower power, see how to get fresh roses shipped to the US for less than $1 per stem and why the falling US dollar offers special opportunity now.

On the subject of the falling US dollar an early warning comes tomorrow so do not miss Saturday’s message!

Until then, pure freedom and everlasting wealth to you!


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