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Ecuador health has been known as special for many generations. Part of the Ecuador health benefits come from shamanic nutritional and healing traditions. During our Ecuador Shamanic Mingo Tours we try to understand the mysteries of life and this excellent Ecuador health through quantum science and the ancient traditions of the Yatchaks here in Imbabura. One of those we visited to learn more about Ecuador health last trip was the Shamana of Zuleta. Here her assistant prepares the ceremonial fire.


The shamana prepares as well cleansing with tobacco.


We’ll see more about her ceremonies in future messages. Once we start looking at these ancient healing rites, the secrets unfold and become obvious. We also bring along experts in Western spiritual and healing modalities to help us integrate this knowledge. One such expert who joined us last trip was Dr. Joe Culbertson.

We continue our series from Dr. Joe Culbertson that began earlier this week by looking at how the mind has such power it can literally switch off all sensations of pain. However this is not good when the switch off mechanism is gradually activated through stress. See why here as Joe continues his explanation of how to improve health.

“Our first installment of the Switch-off Mechanism showed how two bones in our neck and the base of the skull, function as a unit, and react to every shade of fear we imagine. The mechanism shuts of the blood flow to the brain so it feels no pain. This is important in cases of dramatic physical trauma, but not otherwise. The brain needs a full blood supply to function correctly.

“However our body still imagines risk because it is bombarded with a constant barrage of minor exposures that create fear. Over years these micro stresses solidify our mind-sets and as our stressors multiply the Switch-off Mechanism jams the upper neck just as if the body were having overwhelming physical damage.

“Fortunately, this process usually takes 60 years or more years to reach a critical point. Unfortunately, it shouldn’t happen at all. At 60 the body can be willing and is able by design to live on for another 60 years.

“The reason normal alignment in this area is so important is that slight twists here can interfere with the hindbrain’s function. Even more important is that misalignment can hinder the blood flow needed for conscious activity (such as remembering and clear thinking). Two of the four major arteries going to the brain run right through this area. Any twist can stop 50% of the blood the brain needs.

“When the bones in this area deviate, the muscles tighten, cut off the blood and shut the brain down. When this happens in mini degrees, we stop thinking well only when stressed. When we relax we reclaim the blood flow. Yet with each passing mini activation, part of the structure holds its deviation and the surrounding muscles remain tighter. Over time the area can get so tight that it hurts with even minimal pressure. If the tension is allowed to progress the brain begins to fail due to the disruption of blood flow and hindbrain irritation. We call this deterioration ‘blonde’ and ‘senior’ moments. Often, as these moments increase in occurrence, they are blamed on age, dye, or some type of disease process. Yet, the real problem is simply tension created by the atlas, axis, and occiput turning the switch-off mechanism on. The next installment looks at a very simple way to unlock this tension of prevent it in the first place.”

Learn more about Dr Joe Culbertson and his health advice at Natural Awakenings.

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Until next message, may your thinking and health be clear!


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