Ecuador Real Estate Power in People of Ecuador

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Ecuador Real Estate is attractive because of the Ecuadorian people. We receive continual raves about Ecuador real estate, Ecuador and the people of Ecuador like the ones below. One common theme is that people are surprised at the kindness and sweetness of the people. We live in such aggression and tension up north that we have forgotten this. Here is what just a few recent delegates wrote about Ecuador and Ecuador real estate:

Ecuador Real Estate Quote #1:

“Gary, You are so right about the contrast between living in N. America and Ecuador. Coming back after a week with you the difference is monumental. It is not relaxed and stress free like it is in Cotacachi. The quality of the building and finishing materials is so much better. The furniture we saw there was so beautiful. We are going to love it there. Hope the land deal goes through. Marcia and Herb”

Ecuador Real Estate Quote #2:

“Hi Gary, Thank you so much for the great IBEZ seminar. We learned a lot and enjoyed our entire stay in Ecuador. Our minds are churning with new ideas and we are excited about returning to Cotacachi.”

Ecuador Real Estate Quote #3:

“Many thanks to both of you for your warm hospitality during our month at El Meson de las Flores. We had a fine time just being there. And the bonus of meeting all the great people from around the world that attended your March seminars just added more flavor to the experience. We loved the events and tours and have some ideas to work on as a result of attending them. Now that we have made the commitment to live part of year in Cotacachi each year… our excitement and passion for new adventure has been rekindled! Also, thank you for the guidance in getting started with the shopping for furnishings for the apartment. It was a BIG help. My brother Vince may join me for a trip to Ecuador this summer to complete furnishing the apartment.”

Ecuador Real Estate Quote #4:

“Hi Gary and Merri, I hope all has been well with you. Ecuador continues to linger in the back of my mind and I continue to think of the good people I met there and the good experiences I had. Your daily e-mails hammer home how much I enjoyed the last seminar. I also spoke with Bob who apparently bought a couple of lots. There is certainly a lot of good energy there, but what I think about the most are the friendly people. Anyhow, I have been trying to figure out how I could squeeze in another trip and it looks like I can make it down for the Ecuador Exports Tour with Steve. It sounds like you won’t be there, which is unfortunate, but I can’t always get my calendar to work and the airfares are pretty good right now! So I am ready to pull the trigger on coming in three weeks if there is any space available. I am hoping you could squeeze me in to the wonderful El Meson as well. Is that all possible on your end? I am looking at the possibility of taking a job at the University of Denver in the Graduate School of International Studies, and like the idea of setting up a ‘second business’ before I make that leap. Exports may dovetail nicely with the demands of that job and open up the possibility of future trips with students. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance for your help.”

To help delegates develop business potential here, I invited professional photographer, Todd Smith, to come to Cotacachi and create Ecuador exports photo products that import export delegates can use for their stores or to sell their products. While here I asked him to take photos of our new condos which he did. He recently wrote about this and since he also mentioned the productive power of the wonderful people of Cotacachi, this is a good time to share what he wrote:

“Gary, Ecuadorians work hard, and they are proud of the good work they do. When Gary asked me to take a group photo of all the workers in his new Condo building in Cotacachi, there were smiles on all the faces as we extracted them one by one from various corners of the building.

Ecuador Real Estate Power in People of Ecuador Photo # 1


The condos provide a modern counterpoint to the traditional buildings of Cotacachi. Large windows let in the bright, tropical light on all sides, and give views of the volcanoes in every direction. A beautiful garden is a relaxing spot to sit and watch the moon rise through the eucalyptus trees.

Ecuador Real Estate Power in People of Ecuador Photo # 2


Ecuador Real Estate Power in People of Ecuador Photo # 3


“Gary is ready to start enjoying the new condos, and has left an open chair for you to join him there too.”

Ecuador Real Estate Power in People of Ecuador Photo # 4


To learn how to use Todd’s photos contact him at

We are now ready to start taking reservations on the next Ecuador real estate condos. If you are already on the waiting list, please contact me now. If you wish to be included on the waiting list, please let me know at

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