Ecuador Exports Mastery

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Ecuador exports offers extra potential because the mastery of craftsmen at low prices (you can build this quality for at least a fourth to a fifth of what it would cost in the US) creates export opportunity.

Professional photographer, Todd Smith, has created a number of Ecuador exports photo products that import export delegates can use for their stores, or to sell their products. These pictures can be used in greeting cards, postcards, calendars, books, framed-prints, or used to sell products in other ways by setting the mood of the import export items. For example, large prints can be used of the Ecuador marketplace, or of artisans making the very products being sold. Likewise, a calendar or greeting cards can simply be sold or used in marketing promotions of Ecuador. The cards can add interest to the items being sold. Todd can even create a customized calendar to be used as institutional giveaways or as an aid to sell import export items. He can print high quality photo books one at a time again just to sell or as an aid to selling Ecuador import export items.

Here Todd joined us when we went out to look at Ecuador exports and buy a picture frame I have been lusting after for over ten years. It hangs in a tiny hole in the wall carving shop where one of the world’s great master carvers works. You can see part of my frame (the dark frame behind the swirl mirror frame) in the second picture below. Here is what Todd wrote:

“It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the dim light of Marco’s studio, once I crossed the threshold. It was a simple, adobe-walled building with no opening but the door I’d just passed through. There were no spotlights, or highly polished display cases for his work. But when I did find my bearings, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

“Before me was a collection of the most amazing carving I’ve ever seen. Both of my fathers (my real father and my step-father) are passionate woodworkers by hobby, but nothing they had ever shown me prepared me for the work that was in front of me.

“Strewn carelessly on benches, hanging precariously from nails in the walls, and balanced one on another, piece after piece of exquisitely carved frames, tables, chairs, candelabras, and fine wooden sculptures–almost all of them festooned with ornate carvings of angels, demons, flowers and incredible swirls from some celestial realm–offered a glimpse into the heart and soul of the man who created them. My own heart soared as I began to examine each incredible piece of work.

20070404e.jpg 20070404f.jpg

“Five hundred years ago, the Spanish brought the guild system from Europe to Ecuador. They trained many craftsmen in the arts that flourished in Europe, and set-up an apprentice system for these trades to be perpetuated. Marco started his apprenticeship at about the age of 13, and worked for 10 or 12 years directly under the guidance of his teachers. In fact, he now has two apprentices working under him, but worries that they may be distracted by other modern means of making a living.

“The possibilities for working with a craftsman of this caliber are numberless. Promoting such work as this, in an age of mass production, is especially easy when it comes at Ecuadorian prices! The mirror shown above cost around $180. And promoting this kind of work will ensure that it continues into the next generation.

“While I do not know the fine woodworking market, I can imagine Marco’s work being coveted by the wealthy. In fact, he was once asked to replicate a museum piece from a photograph. When completed, the museum reported that it was even better than the original. Some Belgian buyers who purchase around 30 shipping containers of goods from Ecuador at a time, and have ordered extensively with Marco, told him that he was the best in the world, that they had seen.

“Marco is also open to teaching courses for woodworkers, who would like to spend a week or even two months learning from him. He can take on a class size of up to 10 people. Thanks, Gary and Merri! Another gem you’ve unearthed in Ecuador!

20070404g.jpg 20070404h.jpg

You can visit Marco and much more at our next Ecuador Exports course. Join Steve, our man in Ecuador, April 20 – 25, Friday to Wednesday for the next Ecuador Import-Export Course.

Until next message may you have mastery in your life everywhere!


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