International Investments Enhance Individual Wealth

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International investments expand opportunity and individuality. On the subject of international investments and individuality, a reader recently sent this note to Merri, which was recently shared in a message.

International Investments Quote #1:

“Merri, Tell Gary he was right on about closing his international investments position in China. Good Call.”

This evoked this note about international investments from another reader.

International Investments Quote #2:

“It’s great to predict international investments in world equities. And I agree with the predictions a few months ago. But with an amateur comment as this from one of the readers I would like to see how things turn out with China in say the next 6 or 12 months. One can liquidate a holding and let’s see what is a better investment for that period. Regards,” The reader went on to explain that his investments are in China, SE Asian property and rural country outside large Australian cities.

The reply is worth sharing because it gets to a really important core issue about how to build and maintain wealth with international investments in your own individual way through international investments.

International Investments Quote #3:

I wrote: “Be careful in expecting international investments in China to be higher 6 to 12 months from now. Keep an open mind about this position. Closed minds are often costly. There may be more appreciation in Chinese equities, but you are likely to pay a premium to make this bet.”

The key to never ending wealth, stressed again and again in my messages, is that each person has to look at the position and how it fits the situation. To exit China may or may not have been a good call for that reader. I do not know his position.

The liquidation made sense for me as I am making a substantial investment in Ecuador real estate. If my numbers and judgment are right about the market here my investment will outperform any equity market.

Messages have pointed out that the reason for liquidating China and India is that they are now both ranked less than good value in both Jyske Bank’s and Keppler’s Asset Management’s assessments. There is surely much more potential in these two huge emerging markets but these markets now appear to be ahead of themselves.

Those who hold tight are likely to benefit in the long term. However there could well be a dip in between.

Personally I expect to turn my real estate money here in about 17 months. Jyske and Keppler’s value assessments suggest I may be able to buy into China then for less than now.

This world is changing at an ever faster pace and your areas of focus all make enormous sense, China, Small town Australia (just like small town USA) and SE Asia. This is Australia’s equivalent to South America for the US.

Throw in the green element and the switch from broadcast to broadband and it will be hard to miss making excellent profits.

Watch out for peaks in the trends. Take advantage of valleys. Keep it all tuned to your passions, personal liquidity and your needs. Do this, manage efficiently and there will be many people that will call you a wise man.

Of course the market is the final judge so in 6 to 12 months we’ll see. I hope international investments bring us all success!

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Until next message, good international investments to you!


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