Ecuador Real Estate Trimmed in Steps of Success

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Ecuador real estate can make life more successful in many ways. Life has become so complicated and expensive in the North that those who move down here with us often take time to adjust.

Overloads of rules, regulations and high labor costs create obstacles in modern life that we take for granted. First thing home buyers ask is, “Where does the dish washer go?” The answer is “Well, the maid takes care of this!” Or they ask, “Where can I put the clothes washer and dryer?”. Again ask the maid! Or ”Where will I park my car?” The driver takes care of this. Village life is so simple and public transportation so efficient and inexpensive most of us choose not to even have a car!

This applies to construction as well. Most of us would not dream of switching the kitchen to all hardwood cabinets or knocking down and altering a wall. Here all this is so easy and so inexpensive that it is just easy to make it happen.

This also applies to trim. Fine finishes run so high up north that we no longer expect them. Functional, square, standard and installed without much labor are the norm. Here craftsmanship is still the norm. Look for example at the trim on these Barro Viejo stairs. This type of work is the standard here!

This building, from the entrance on, has many steps and each set is unique.


There are many levels here. This means many steps.


Each staircase is a unique, rounded work of non standard art!


Tile is abundantly and beautifully used.


Inside and out, each set of steps invites in warm and wonderful ways.


Nooks and crannies, flowers and color as well as tiles adorn each set of steps.


Wood and stone enhance the charm and beauty as well.


Each staircase is an individual different work of art.



Don’t miss tomorrow’s message to see where these steps lead because this is something so lost up north, which is individuality.

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