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Ecuador Exports come in many forms. Here is an unusual Ecuador export that may suit you. First let me add that many people are surprised to know that I have not owned a suit for more than twenty years. My blue blazer is classic and the microfiber sport coat bought a decade ago or so has survived more miles crumpled in an airplane than I can guess. With these two pieces and some great hundred dollar plus neckties sent by a wonderful Swiss reader (he exports them from Italy), I get by.

Ecuador export seminars some times start off with a coat and tie but they are quickly abandoned for perhaps a professorial sweater or anything that lets the blood flow all the way to the head without any knots in the way.

So what is shared next shows how I will do almost anything to help you my reader find Ecuador exports and ways to earn money globally.

If you are well suited for this, the Ecuador exports idea is terrific.

Professional photographer, Todd Smith, has created a number of Ecuador photo products that import export delegates can use for their stores, or to sell their products. These pictures can be used in greeting cards, postcards, calendars, books, framed-prints, or used to sell products in other ways by setting the mood of the import export items. For example, large prints can be used of the Ecuador marketplace, or of artisans making the very products being sold. Likewise, a calendar or greeting cards can simply be sold or used in marketing promotions of Ecuador. The cards can add interest to the items being sold. Todd can even create a customized calendar to be used as institutional giveaways or as an aid to sell import export items. He can print high quality photo books one at a time again just to sell or as an aid to selling import export items.

However, in this case Todd has jumped into the picture himself as you will see as you read what he shares. Todd wrote:

“We were all surprised one day when Gary came into class wearing a suit. The casual, at-home style that Gary and Merri always enjoy made a business suit seem completely out of place. But Gary was excited because his new custom-made threads had only cost him $130!

“At that price I was excited too, and I made a mental note of the tailor’s address.

“Being thin and tall, I have never been able to buy a suit to fit me properly. Either the waist is too wide or the shoulders are too narrow, and many times I have resorted to buying separates to get a closer fit. Passing the tailor’s shop late that evening while out on a walk with a friend, we noticed that the lights were still on. As I peered in the window, a friendly man hard at work on the sewing machine waved us into the workshop.

20070401a.jpg 20070401b.jpg

“I soon picked out a fine, gray, wool material for my suit, was measured the next morning after seeing the material in the daylight. A week later I put on the finished product–for a grand total of $210. (I splurged on the finest material he had available!)

“The neat thing about my newfound tailor is that he can just flip through catalogs and make any design you like. Most of his catalogs were a few years old, but we promised to send him as many new catalogs as we could when we returned home. He even suggested that, if we sent measurements, he could make a suit for someone without them ever having to come to Ecuador! That would be an interesting website: submit your measurements, select a material and a design, run your credit card, and two weeks later your new suit arrives in the mail. The day I picked up my suit, Gary came with me to the tailor–again wearing his finest and only suit–and I now understand the excitement he felt.”

20070401c.jpg 20070401d.jpg20070401e.jpg

This is a great Ecuador export idea that Todd suggests. When I lived in Hong Kong 30 years ago tailored suits there were great and cost about $150. Many business people made a living traveling Europe and the US to fit people for really great low costs suits.

Now, I am not sure that the travel would even be required. “The virtual tailor from Ecuador. Hand made suits for less than some US shirts!”

This is a business idea that should suit someone!

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Until next message, may you find all your investing and business ideas suitable.


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