Ecuador Real Estate and Values of Space in Ecuador

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Ecuador real estate gains added value because technology changes utility in many ways beyond green. This is why Ecuador real estate offers such opportunity for wealth and beauty now.

Yesterday’s message looked at Ecuador real estate and the kitchen of one Barro Viejo property our last Ecuador real estate tour viewed. Low cost air fares, broadband and almost free communications alter the values of distance and make it possible to live in year round, balmy weather and sun in a dream home that is no longer affordable up north. An example is this property we viewed on our last Ecuador real estate tour.

Few of us can afford such a property with phenomenal views nestled in the hills.

Yet here prices are still afordable and such properties have features only the super rich can now afford…such as arches.

From the first entrance of this “House of the Sun” there are arches everywhere.

The arch has altered the value of space for milenniums. In addition to being one of the oldest structural innovations that has advanced mankind, what can an arch do or mean?

First, arches can create charm. Too bad most people up north can no longer afford this feature. I wonder what this does to the northern soul?

Next they mean an invitation to the softness of Mother Nature. As Barro Viejo puts it, “Man is the only creature that chooses to live in a square”.

Arches add frameworks for visions beyond….

And added attractions to look through space from colorful, comfortable thick walled, breathing, adobe walled rooms.

Arches also grace doors.

And the solid all hard wood doors of Ecuador are another feature that most northerners now miss.

Arches open the way into warmth.

Arches even enhance the out of doors.

Plus add romance and even mystery. Where does this room lead?

Technology makes the space in Ecuador even more attainable than nearby, because prices here are still so low. Ecuador is a new utility that provides modern, but warm and wonderful buildings with arches and more for less.

Plus people are having fun as they discover this truth. Here is what several who have been here in the last months have shared.

“Hi Merri, I have been meaning to share a great compliment with you. Everyone in the group I brought said that they thought La Mirage was beautiful but they were really happy that they stayed with you guys. You and I know that energy is the key and you and Gary have created the place to be. Love and miss you and hope this brought a positive smile to your face today. Please share this with Gary. When are you coming back to NC? Sandi”

“Hi Merri and Gary, Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful 12 days. Lisa and I had a great time. Lisa’s mother got her flowers today and she says they are spectacular. I have asked the flower supplier about importing them here to Atl for central distribution. Lee is going to help us design our new house here in Atl and we are also investigating importing the wooden miniblinds we saw in one of the houses for sale in Cotacacchi. Thanks again for a great experience.
Cheers, Charlie and Lisa”

“Dear Gary, My wife and I safely arrived to New York. Thank you very much for your hospitality and kindness. We had a great time spending the Saturday afternoon with you and with your lovely wife. Now it is very cold in New York and we are embracing for a wintery mess. I think a lot about the Ecuadorian sun and the great weather. I am sending you a couple of pictures what I made in Cotacachi. Please show them to Merri too. Thank you very much again.
Yours truly, Szab”

“Dear Merri, I apologize for my delay in writing, but I want to thank you for a wonderful conference and for all of your help in getting everything lined out for me prior to arrival in Ecuador. I feel I received some excellent information in both Florida and Ecuador, and I look forward to returning in the not too distant future.

Cotacachi is a nice little town, and you all have a great little place there. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you again soon.
Sincerely, Laura”

“Hi Merri, I wanted to write to say ¨thank you¨ for the seminar. I mentioned to Gary that I think I learned more in this one week than I have in my last year of business school. This was the first seminar that I have ever attended, and I don´t expect it to be my last. In fact, I emailed Gary about the condos in Cotacachi, and I am very interested in purchasing one and becoming a member of your community should the land become available. Thanks again for a great seminar; take care. Scott”

“Thanks Merri for the info. Tell Gary he was right on about closing his position in China.. Good Call.”

“Hi folks, Thank you very much for a superb couple of weeks. I really enjoyed the workshops and my introduction to Ecuador. You are both doing a wonderful job there and it was a pleasure to be part of it for that brief moment. I hope to see you again soon. regards, Steve Margison”

Don’t miss our next message that shows how changes in space can create well suited opportunity for you.

Until then, may all your space be warm wonderful and fulfilled!


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