Ecuador Lakes Opportunity and Balance

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Ecuador lakes offer real estate of extreme beauty. Yesterday’s message about Ecuador lakes reviewed our Ecuador shamanic ceremony at Ecuador’s Quicocha Lake and viewed a house under construction that we passed that sits on the rim of this lake. Here it is.

You can see its view in a note with some photos sent to me by Todd Smith. Todd has created a number of Ecuador photo products that readers who come down looking for business ideas can use. These pictures can be used in greeting cards, postcards, calendars, books, framed-prints, or used to sell products in other ways by setting the mood of the import export items. For example, large prints can be used of the Ecuador marketplace, or of artisans making the very products being sold. Likewise, a calendar or greeting cards can simply be sold or used in marketing promotions of Ecuador. The cards can add interest to the items being sold. Todd can even create a customized calendar to be used as institutional giveaways or as an aid to sell import export items. He can print high quality photo books one at a time again just to sell or as a marketing aid. Here is what he just shared:

Ecuador Lakes Quote #1:

“Hi Gary, Here is another story about the volcanoes that form the backbone of Ecuador. They are part of the Pacific Ring of volcanoes, named the ‘Ring of Fire’. All the major peaks in the Andes mountains are of volcanic origin. These volcanoes, both active and extinct, provide a spectacular backdrop for everything to see and do.

“The town of Cotacachi lies at the foot of the Cotacachi volcano, and has beautiful views of Imbabura volcano (pictured above), not more than 10 miles away. There are many legends about the mountains, Cotacachi being female and Imbabura being male, the two are said to kiss when the clouds are covering them.

“Not far from Cotacachi is another extinct volcano with a crater lake, shown pictured above. It seems I’ve only read about crater lakes like this in storybooks–with some kind of dragon inevitably floating around. It is truly magical to see a crater lake suspended on the top of a mountain–with an island in the middle. The natives also believe it to be sacred, and only the shamans are allowed on the island.

“What struck me most though, was the fact that there was so little development around the rim of this beautiful crater–partly because of a national park covering some of the lake-shore. On all sides, there are no more than a handful of dwellings, including an 11 room hotel, Los Pinos that is for sale. I don’t think anyone who visited the lodge that day could imagine what a view like this would cost in other parts of the world. I’ve seen some pretty simple houses selling for $300,000–with a view of nothing more than their neighbor’s backyard! Here is the entrance to the hotel.”

This Ecuador lake offers more than real estate value.

Delegates at the Ecuador Shamanic Mingo learned more about how to process information. The Ecuadorian shamanic ideal is like so many ancient philosophies based on the Holy Trinity. In this case the three forces are Taita Inti (Father), Pancha Mama (Mother) and Pancha Kuti (life spirit).

This Pacha Mama medicine has ancient origins and has been passed on orally from generation to generation. Yet Spanish invasions destroyed many wise men, priests, scientists and artists, holders of the great knowledge of this medicine. The Spanish also destroyed the records of this knowledge recorded in coded messages painted on wood and Khipus (strings knotted in an alphanumeric system). The invaders destroyed a great knowledge but part of the information has been brought back by archeological, astronomical and modern linguistic research.

The Spanish had destroyed a great culture and especially underestimated a great medicine.

The Andean medicine’s father had been called Wiracocha Imaymana, who was as known as Hippocrates as a father of medicine. The ancient Andean medicine considers man in a holistic way. They believe we are more than a physical being. We are instinctual, emotional and spiritual. Our thoughts, our relation to nature, our inner nature and our outer nature all affect our health. The yatchaks and shamans study how Nature’s expressions such as the sun, the moon and cosmic energy influence.

For example, our ceremony of thanks held at the lake was scheduled to start exactly at noon during a high energy Equinox period. The belief is that Equinoxes create feminine energy and Solstices create masculine energy.

The yatchak arrived and began searching with his wife and helper for exactly the correct spot on the beach to hold the ceremony.

He found this small knoll and said, “This is the place.”

The village leaders tried to change his mind, as this was a small ledge and crowded.

He would not budge.

“This is the correct energy,” he restated. Note in the shots how this had survived a heavy rainfall, how the grasses were growing taller there. These are the signs these great healers observe.

They believe that the earth, the air and water have great influence on the disease forming and hence healing process. The inner Nature of man consists of three different levels: #1: The instinctive world. #2: The emotional world and #3: The world of thought.

When a balance between these three elements is upset the outer nature and inner nature conflict. This creates dis-ease. The correct balance between the inner and outer nature translates into health. They believe that there is an electromagnetic energy, that permeates all human beings and nature and they use chants, herbs, fire, smoke to balance this energy. These men of medicine observe those they help through premonition, clairvoyance, telepathy but mainly they use intuition grounded from extensive knowledge of biochemistry, herbal-medicine, mineralogy, zoology, psychotherapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, extrasensory perception, physiotherapy, hypnosis, power of massage, time-space and art-therapy (singing, dancing and music).

They then use all this to solve physical, mental and spiritual problems and help people to reestablish the important balance between the inner and outer nature.

They believe that all disease starts with a spiritual disorder first, then mental and finally from a physical one.

They also believe that there are three ways to become a great healer.

#1: Look for a shaman and ask him to teach you the techniques.

#2: Live in close contact with a healer.

#3: Lead your life as a researcher for the laws of nature until you are called by the wise men.

They believe that “When the pupil is ready, the teacher comes.” This is the purpose of our Shamanic Mingos (our next will be in June-see below), to help our delegates gain this first introduction to this wonderful knowledge.

Until next message, may all your knowledge be wonderful as well.


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