Ecuador Real Estate and Beauty

by | Mar 31, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate offers value and beauty. We have been recommending investments Ecuador real estate and in water for nearly a decade now. This is one reason we looked at Ecuador real estate and a Barro Viejo designed house on this lake in yesterday’s message.

The other reason we featured this house is to show how wonderful Ecuador real estate and architecture can be. On our latest Mystical Andes and Ecuador real estate tour we took delegates to see a Barro Viejo designed property. Here is what captured Merri’s heart, the kitchen.

Of course this captured my stomach!

This kitchen is magnificent from top to bottom.

And it looks into a large dining area with wonderful views.

Here is the view.

What is especially nice about Ecuador real estate is that you can build an entire house here for less than remodeling a kitchen back in the US or Canada!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s message that shows how high style at unbelievably low prices is available in more than just your home.

Plus we’ll see how incredible shifts in values of space! Do not miss this.

Until then, may some of your real estate investments do well!


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