Ecuador Shamans Tale

by | Mar 29, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador shamans perform many ceremonies. Our most recent Ecuadorian Shamanic Mingo Tour was just complete and ended with a “Ceremony of Thanks” for the Equinox. This was conducted in a remote part of Quicocha Crater Lake, accessible only by water.

Here we are waiting to board our launch.

We rode across the lake.

And arrived ready for the ceremony.

We brought the Yatchak, musicians, guests from the village and even the firewood!

The musicians played.

While the shaman prepared.

Even the children were with us.

We all had a great time, gained a deep gratitude attitude, including our pumpkin patch hound Ma.

Until next message may your attitude be filled with gratitude as well.

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P.S. As we sailed across the lake we passed this wonderful house being built. See more on this and wonderful Ecuador real estate values in tomorrow’s message.

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