Ecuador Import-Export Potential – A Trend in Information

by | Mar 29, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador Import-Export Potential is pleasurable to enjoy! This morning Merri and I sat in the court yard in the cool air, under a cloudless sky, dining breakfast Al Fresco. This is the perfect weather dropping to the low 50s at night, crisp mornings warmed by the equatorial sun until in the 70s, the day wanes and it cools again for a great nights sleep.

Yet this morning we were not talking weather but furniture to export from Ecuador. There are great export opportunities here for interior designers and those who want the finest of furnishings at the lowest of prices. Take for example you can have Louis XIV furniture carved exactly as it was when Louis XIV was alive…yet at prices a fraction of the old stuff. Ecuador exports can be one of a kind.

Ecuador exports offer everything for designers, the ultimate but at low cost. Ecuador has crafts people in art, textiles, leather, wood and statuary. We are so looking to once again forward to bring all this together at the next Ecuador import export course.

Plus professional photographer Todd Smith has created a number of Ecuador photo products that import export delegates can use for their stores, or to sell their products. These pictures can be used in greeting cards, postcards, calendars, books, framed-prints, or used to sell products in other ways by setting the mood of the import export items. For example, large prints can be used of the Ecuador marketplace, or of artisans making the very products being sold. Likewise, a calendar or greeting cards can simple be sold or used in marketing promotions of Ecuador. The cards can add interest to the items being sold. Todd can even create a customized calendar to be used as an institutional giveaways or as an aid to sell import export items. He can print high quality photo books one at a time again just to sell or as an aid to selling import export items.

Here are some of Todd’s furniture craftsmen shots.

Join Steve, our man in Ecuador, April 20 – 25, 2007 Friday to Wednesday for the Ecuador Spring Import-Export Course. See