Ecuador Import Export Opportunity with Purses

by | Mar 29, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador import export opportunity offers a way to have never ending wealth with your own international business. This is why we have been encouraging people to learn how to earn globally with Ecuador imports and exports. This is also why I am upgrading the photos at our website with the help of our friend, Todd Smith. Todd, a professional photographer, came down and has taken hundreds of pictures to help share in visual form the excitement of our courses in Ecuador. Today we look at some shots Todd has taken of the kids. You can learn how Todd can help you by contacting him at

I have asked Todd to share some of his experiences and photos from Ecuador to help readers gain more Ecuador Import Export ideas.

Here is what Todd shares today about Ecuador Import Export Opportunity:

You don’t have to own a storefront to be an importer. My friend Blaine Watson’s sister had a great idea for selling purses from Ecuador. Blaine brought back about 20 purses a few weeks ago for her, and just yesterday she had a purse party at her home to sell them. Think of it akin to the old fashioned Tupperware party–but without the 50’s style dress and hairdos.

Gary has emphasized many times the importance of starting small. If you spend all your money advertising, making a great website, creating the perfect corporate structure, making a storefront, etc., you find yourself quickly enslaved by your new venture. But if you simply hit the streets selling, talking about your product to everyone, and sharing your excitement, you can very quickly build a solid base for future growth. Not to mention the fact that you can test your market with little risk.

Again the economics of importing from Ecuador works greatly in your favor when it comes to purses. Blaine was able to buy the purses for his sister at about $15 US each. These are high-quality leather purses, which can even be custom made to fit any design you want.

Purses like these easily go for Can$100-150 retail in Canada. So Blaine’s sister can offer high-quality purses in the range of Can$70 –prices which are half of what her friends would pay in any department store. She makes a 5x markup, and her customers save up to 50%. That is a formula for growth! You can bet her friends will be telling their friends.

And there are big bags, computer bags, and a whole assortment of leather products which offer the same economic opportunities when imported from Ecuador. You can’t beat the prices or the craftsmanship. This kind of price structure even allows for profitable wholesaling.

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