Ecuador Real Estate for Sale, a Fabulous Finca

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Ecuador Real Estate for sale offers special opportunity now. For instance, this wonderful finca (small farm) the delegates at our Ecuador real estate tour visited just outside Ibarra (20 minutes) is an example. Ibarra (The White City) is the provincial capital of Imbabura Province in Ecuador. Real estate here offers everything, access to the city, wonderful scenic views, peace, quiet and prices that are hard to believe as you will see below.

Delegates at our Ecuador real estate tour just visited this Ibarra property.

This Ecuador property, is owned by a businessman who has a business and Quito and wants to move back to this city.

The plantation house is exquisite but what makes this Ecuador real estate opportunity especially interesting is that the finca contains an orchard of a thousand peach trees. This creates some really excellent income as the peaches are currently sold to the armed forces and Supermaxi, a large super market chain.

Yet this is not all orchard. The farm house is charming from front to back. Here are delegates at the entrance

There is a cobble lined road that runs up to the house. The orchards are on the left and large vegetable gardens on the right.

Palms surround the charming farm house.

The entrance leads into a conservatory with parquet wood floors.

Here is the entrance from the inside.

The large five bedroom house has well groomed lawns, an outdoor canopy and even volleyball net. Lush mountains rise in the background.

With wonderful views of Ibarra in the distance.

The back yard consists of a large patio and basketball court.

Here is a view from the front entrance, orchards on the right, gardens on the left.

This is no ordinary farmhouse inside either, as you can see from this shot below.

You can see more shots of the Fabulous Finca’s interior at

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