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Ecuador Real Estate for sale offers special opportunity now. For instance, this wonderful property the delegates at our Ecuador real estate tour visited just outside Ibarra (15 minutes) as an example. Ibarra (The White City) is the provincial capital of Imbabura Province in Ecuador. Real estate here offers everything, access to the city, wonderful scenic views, peace, quiet and prices that are hard to believe as you will see below.

Delegates at our Ecuador real estate tour just visited this Ibarra property.

This Ecuador property, owned by a couple of French artists (who wish to return nearer to home) has four buildings. This first building at the entrance of the 1.5 acre lot is a studio and has a wine cave below.

Sitting in a Eucalyptus grove just beyond is the main four bedroom house.

Beyond the main house is a guest house.

Since this is a home for kids (the reason why the sellers wish to return to France) there is also a charming tree house and swing set.

Yet this is just the beginning. This Ecuador real estate for sale has incredible views.

This is a shot from the master bedroom and does not come close to describing the exquisite views of this Ecuador property for sale.

This Ecuador real estate for sale for only $120,000, all four buildings, the lot, the views and more. See more views of this Ecuador Real Estate for Sale

Plus the interiors reflect the charm of the French artists.

See the interiors of this Ecuador Real Estate for Sale

Until next message, may all your views be good as well!


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