Ecuador Import Export Opportunity With Flowers

by | Mar 20, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador Import Export Opportunity offers a way to have never ending wealth is with your own business. This is why we have been encouraging people to learn how to earn globally with Ecuador imports and exports. This is also why I am upgrading the photos at our website with the help of our friend, Todd Smith. Todd, a professional photographer, came down and has taken hundreds of pictures to help share in visual form the excitement of our courses in Ecuador. Today we look at some shots Todd has taken of the kids. You can learn how Todd can help you by contacting him at

I have asked Todd to share some of his experiences and photos from Ecuador to help readers gain more Ecuador Import Export ideas.

Here is what todd shares today about Ecuador Import Export Opportunity:

“In two weeks visiting Ecuador, I soon saw that the opportunities for making a profit through Ecuador import/export were only limited by my imagination. On Gary and Merri’s Ecuador Import Export course we were introduced to so many quality products at amazing prices, that it became hard for everyone to choose just one thing work with.

Gary emphasized the importance of following your passion in starting any import business (or business in general). When you have a passion for what you are buying and selling, maintaining your business is a joy, not a drag. Luckily, there is a product for every taste in Ecuador.

Look at the simple economics of flowers, for example. We visited with a flower farmer, and learned that we could buy 125 long stem roses (50mm long) for only $108 US! In fact, prices ranged anywhere from $0.50 to $1.03 per stem, depending on the variety and the quantity of roses ordered. And that includes delivery to your door using FedEx!

Not only is the price right, but the freshness is unmatched by regular flowers bought through flower wholesalers and retailers (where the flowers often sit in refrigerators for one to two weeks and drop their petals two to three days after they reach their final destination).

I asked the company if it would consider starting an affiliate program–which could make the business even simpler for people like me, who would want to earn a commission for referrals without actually distributing the flowers. What a great possibility! They liked the idea, though they don’t have such a program in place at this time.

They have, I believe, about sixty different kinds of flowers to offer in addition to roses–including sunflowers, gerbers, larkspurs, and lots of greens. It would not be hard to build a flower business with a resource like this to draw on.

Join Steve, our man in Ecuador, April 20 – 25, Friday to Wednesday for the Spring Ecuador Import-Export Course

Can’t make Ecuador in March? Our International investments and Business Course will be updated May 25 – 27, 2007 in North Carolina. Thomas Fischer joins me to update global economics there. We’ll also look at Ecuador import Export Opportunities.