Ecuador Exports are An Ultimate Currency

by | Mar 9, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador exports can be invaluable because the ultimate currency is your ability to serve in the global market place.

The lack of global currency stability is one reason why we have especially been zeroing in on helping readers learn how to earn income anywhere through Ecuador exports and all types of importing and exporting.

However, today it’s time to take a moment to smell (or at least see) the flowers.

There is more to being international than just earnings the bucks.

Lifestyle is everything. We should have great joy and fulfillment from the process of whatever we do. Though we have to pay our way, fulfillment is most important. This brings me to flowers. Merri and I love to garden. Getting our hands in the dirt and watching the miracle of our vegetables and fruits spring their seeds is a constant joy.

This makes Ecuador special beyond just Ecuador exports. This is a gardener’s delight! The continual full sun, the rich earth and abundant rainfall means that every day is the growing season. Everything grows year round.

We are upgrading the photos at our website on Ecuador exports with the help of our friend, Todd Smith. Todd, a professional photographer, came down and has taken hundreds of pictures to help share in visual form the excitement of our courses in Ecuador. Today we send the flowers that Todd shot while here. You can learn how Todd can help you by contacting him at

The wonderful thing about Ecuador is that everything grows here. You often see tropical plants and flowers growing right next to flowers you would normally expect only up north. This is one reason why Ecuador exports are so good.

Flowers grow in the products that many of our delegates export as well.

Here you see them in hand sewn embroidery from the village of Zuleta. In this Andean community near us hand embroidery has been an important form of artistic expression and adornment for centuries. Andean cultures have long boasted textile, far surpassing those of Europe. The weavers of the Andes could produce material with as many as five hundred two-ply woolen wefts per inch compared to a hundred in Europe.

The women of Zuleta are renowned for unique hand embroidered designs and colors. Their styles are so unique they have become a form of cultural identification.

Here the world of master carver Marco Lopez incorporates the flower.

Flowers are popular in Otavalan sweaters as well.

Plus the ladies of Intag make flowers from plant fiber.

Join Steve, our man in Ecuador, April 20 – 25, Friday to Wednesday for the Spring Import-Export Course

Until next message, may your international investments and business be good.


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