Ecuador Export Textiles

by | Mar 4, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador Export Textiles offer rich color and opportunity. The best way to spot value is in your own business. This is why we have been encouraging people to learn how to earn globally with Ecuador exports. This is also why I am upgrading the photos at our website with the help of our friend, Todd Smith. Todd, a professional photographer, came down and has taken hundreds of pictures to help share in visual form the excitement of our courses in Ecuador. We began sharing these shots and today look at textiles and Ecuador exports. You can learn how Todd can help you by contacting him at

All around us, we have pueblos famous for textiles and Ecuador exports. The villages of Otavalo and Peguchi are best known. The workers at one shop where we take delegates begin by spinning their own yarn to create unique Ecuador exports.

They use natural ingredients to dye the material. Here she demonstrates a bug that is used to make the famous cochineal (royal) color. This is one aspect that makes Ecuador exports so unique.

Like this.

The dyed yarn is hand woven.

To make beautiful products like this.

Join Steve, our man in Ecuador, April 20 – 25, Fri. – Wed. for the Spring Exports Expedition.

Until next message, may all your investments and business bring you comfort!