Ecuador Export Potential – Bread in Flour

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Ecuador Export potential comes in many forms and recent messages mentioned that I am updating the photos at our site with the help of our friend Todd Smith. Todd has taken hundreds of pictures to share in visual form the excitement of our courses down here. We share a few of his shots here. You can learn more about how Todd can help you by contracting Todd at

Man cannot live by bread alone so here bread from Ecuador export potential means money…green!

At our Ecuador export courses we look at many ways to earn money abroad. Here is one idea about Ecuador exports we shared.

First the delegates visited the village of Calderon and looked at Ecuador exports called masapan. Mazapan is made from bread dough that is glazed and baked rock hard. Delegates saw them being made and saw that they offered excellent Ecuador exports because it be made into almost any form ranging from beautiful flowers to toys, nativity sets and much, much more.

They are excellent Ecuador exports because they are light to ship, cheap and yet can be marked up enormously.

As Ecuador exports they can be made into pins, refrigerator magnets, necklaces, earrings and ornaments. We looked at how these Ecuador exports can be merchandised at hotels as turn down treats with a small leaflet selling them. This is a hot Ecuador exports idea!

Then when delegates arrived in Cotacachi, I began our lectures about Ecuador exports in my new tailor made suit. I have not wanted to own a suit for over 20 years, but the tailor is next door to the hotel. This French cashmere wool suit cost $130 and took one week to make. I had it made and wore it (once for just two hours) to show delegates the opportunity of a custom tailor business in Canada or the US.

Our first day out we all went to Marco Lopez’s workshop. He is one of the greatest carvers in the world. This is no joke. This is a table leg he carved but you might never have found him hidden behind a totally rundown and non-descript door. Over the years, we have been in his workshop with people from museums Paris seeking carvings, Belgium buyers and executives from New York wanting exquisite desks.

We take delegates to places no one else knows nor would anyone find. Here are the delegates visiting a tiny village to meet this weaver who has a special hammock material loom in his back room. They learned how to get special unique fabrics at super low prices.

We accomplish a lot! Yet we have fun too. Here is Steve, our man in Ecuador, showing delegates how to walk the equator when we stopped at the equator line monument.

The fact that I will even wear a suit to help delegates shows I’ll do anything, but I do not always work hard. Here we are inspecting a new real estate development as I explain to a delegate that Ecuador grass is softer and thicker then most. What a way to work!

Finally we have a lunch at La Mirage Spa. Here they offer the Ecuador export of pleasure and treats!

This is one of the deserts we enjoyed there. Real crystallized roses!

Ecuador Export Expedition Treats By Angels

On the subject of La Mirage a number of the delegates at our Ecuador Export Expedition stayed on for one of the exotic Ecuador spa treatments. Here is a favorite titled A TOUCH BY ANGELS.

This all-natural treatment incorporates the finest essential oils, thermal minerals and trace elements. The specific oils in the aromatherapy mineral bath crystals produce a soothing and invigorating effect, depending on the bath selected. After the bath your body is wrapped with warm sheets covered in lavender, chamomile and rose petals. A gentle natural aromatherapy wrap that is ideal for undisturbed relaxation and followed by a full-body massage technique that uses premium pressure to relieve tension and create a heightened sense of well-being. This hour and a half aromatherapy mineral bath and massage costs only US$ 65.00.

Until next message, may all your investment be good and may everything you export to or from Ecuador be touched by Angels!


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