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by | Feb 27, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador spas are another reason to visit Cotacachi, especially La Mirage Spa. The spa has 19 really great treatments. I recently introduced the spa’s newest treat and treatment, the grape massage. See

Here is what La Mirage Spa’s new menu of treatments says about this treatment.


“Science has long suggested a connection between polyphenols which are found in grapes, and good health and long life. Wine treatments are said to firm the skin and slow down the aging process due to the wine’s high antioxidant content. Soak in bubbling water enriched with fresh, finely crushed grape extracts from seed, skin, stalk and pulp together with organic essential oils chosen to provide the desired effect for 30 minutes.

“Followed by a complete body exfoliation after which we apply a corporal grape mask. Then your body is wrapped with cellophane and covered with a warm thermal blanket. While relaxing, you receive a mini facial, followed by a grape facial mask. Then receive a full massage. This 100 minute service is $95.”

Obviously I would be avoiding my responsibility as a researcher for you if I did not try this out. Yesterday Merri and I ambled over to the spa (which is a short walk from El Meson) for an “end of a course” treat.

Merri had the energetic balancing hot massage treatment provided by Estella, the Shamana. I was graped! Janeth, the head of the spa gave me this wonderful treatment. The room had been specially prepared, a glowing eucalyptus fire crackled and the music was soft, sweet and relaxing. This was 100 minutes of bliss, an entirely new dimension in the transformation of this magical fruit! Highly recommended!


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