International Investments Emerging Market Value Analysis January 2007

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International Investments in Emerging Markets offer good value. But which? Our friend, Michael Keppler, continually researches many international investments in major stock markets and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, earnings to price, average dividend yield, return on equity and cash flow return. He compares each major stock market’s history. From this he develops his international investments valuations of Good Value Major Stock Market Strategy. His analysis is rational, mathematical and does not worry about short ups and downs.

The April 2007 edition of Capital Magazine, Germany ’s major international investments periodical stressed the outstanding quality of Keppler’s fund products. The magazine said:

“Michael Keppler again earned the highest five-star rating. A Bavarian residing in New York , Keppler follows this secret recipe: He searches the globe for attractively valued equity markets, analyzing the balance sheet data of thousands of companies included in his data base. The markets he selects are equally weighted in his portfolio. Only as a second step, suitable stocks are selected. The concept works. His global and emerging markets equity funds have achieved above-average returns for years. They are long-term buy candidates.”

Here is a summary of Keppler’s current comments on recent developments & outlook about international investments in international emerging markets.

After six consecutive winning months, the international investments in Emerging Markets suffered their first monthly setback since last June. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index declined 1.1% in US dollars but due to a strengthening US dollar, it advanced 0.4% in euros bringing the total returns over the last 13 months to 30.7% in US dollars and 18.7% in euros.

Of the three main regions, international investments in Latin America stood out with a 1.7% gain in January, extending her previous year’s winnings to a 13-month total of 45.6%. Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) declined 1.1% in January, bringing down its 13-month returns to 22.7%. Asia was the weakest region of the month with a loss of 2.1%. Her 13-month total return through the end of January — a respectable 29.9% — nevertheless did not beat the MSCI Emerging Markets composite benchmark.

International investments performance numbers are in US dollars unless mentioned otherwise.

Sixteen international investments markets rose and eleven markets declined in January. The best performers of the month were Pakistan (+15.9%), Morocco (+11.1%) and Malaysia (+10.4%).

Venezuela (-33.8%), Hungary (-6.4%) and Russia (-5.2%) performed worst.

Over the last thirteen months, Morocco performed best (+86.6%), Peru (+76.8%) and China (+75.1%) came in second and third.

Jordan (-24.3%), Turkey (-0.4%) and Israel (-0.2%) performed worst.

There are no changes in our International Investments Performance Ratings this month. The Top Value Model Portfolio contains Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey at equal weights.

SELL CANDIDATES (Low Value): Argentina, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa.

NEUTRALLY RATED MARKETS: Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela.

For more details on Keppler’s international investments analysis, contact Roderick Cameron at 1-212-245-4304 or email

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Jyske Bank uses an international investments good value system as well and their affiliated fund management company has been rated number one by Morningstar. They use this value system to help us select shares for our Multi-Currency Portfolio Educational Tracking Service. This has worked well. In 2006 the mainly equity portfolios we tracked rose 42.93% (Emerging Market) and 114.16% (Asia Emerging Market) in a year.

Jyske Bank is the second largest Danish bank, with 450,000 domestic clients, 35,000 international clients, USD 23 Billion in total assets, and a moody’s rating of A1.

We develop five portfolios for educational purposes once a year in cooperation with Jyske Bank’s Private Banking division.

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Jyske has over 35 years’ specialization in private banking and Denmark is ranked by Moody’s as the safest country in the world to have a bank account in.

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December 29, 2006
January 30, 2007
February 15, 2007
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Emerging Market
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Until next message may all you international investments be good.


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