Millionaire Women Invest Well

by | Feb 22, 2007 | Archives, DO NOT USE - MC

Millionaire women are increasing for a reason. This series looks at the wisdom of how to be rich gained through the books “The Millionaire Next Door,” “The Millionaire Mind” and now “The Millionaire Woman Next Door.”

The first message in this series showed how spending beyond ones means is the biggest risk to everyone’s wealth. This is a complex issue because of the hidden indoctrination to spend, which we are crushed with daily.

This second message looked at how taxes are the biggest expense category of all and how to be more tax efficient.

The third destructive force that stops people from becoming millionaires are scams, interest costs and bad investment advice.

Common Denominator of Wealth #3: Millionaires invest well. They spend less than they earn and pay attention to how their savings are invested.

Diversify your investing and earning currencies. It is no longer enough to earn more. Technology changes investment markets so fast that few investors can depend on their own research or any one financial advisor. One must be able to diversify their investment advice, currencies and investments to protect against fast changing markets and currency instability.