Natural Health in the Raw

by | Feb 17, 2007 | Archives

Natural health is enhanced when we can we buy raw milk. Down here in Ecuador raw milk is easy to obtain. We get it for the hotel every day. In the US it’s a task. We have to buy it from a friend of a friend who will not say who produces the raw milk. Here every morning Eduardo arrives with a bucket full fresh raw milk just milked from the cow!

I was happy to see on my last trip to Florida a health food store selling raw milk and raw organic yogurt “for pet use only”. We used to buy our French Marsh salt in a similar way “for deer licks only”!

There is very little raw milk sold in America and this is sad as it’s a highly health-promoting food. The government story is that raw milk can carry disease. More to the point pasteurizing milk extends shelf life and makes it easier for big business to be more profitable.

One can become sick from any contaminated food. In California where raw milk can be sold, millions have consumed commercial it without a single person getting sick. During the same period, there were many instances where people became so ill from pasteurized milk they died!

Raw milk provides minerals, beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidolphilus, vitamins and enzmes and in Ayurved is considered one of the best foods there is. Pasteurized non organic milk is viewed as poison as the process changes the structure of the milk proteins and destroys the milk’s beneficial bacteria.

Pasteurized cow’s milk has been associated with intestinal distress, Iron-deficiency anemia, allergies osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and more.

I believe this trend will grow. One great food made from raw milk was taught to Merri and me by a shaman here in Ecuador. I call it Sun Yogurt. Get raw milk. Boil it. Let it cool. Pour it in a green bottle. Add a bit of yoghurt if you wish (though not required) Set it all day in the sun for the day. That night you will have a Rich creamy almost custard yoghurt! Its rich and delicious.

Until next message may all you life be rich and delicious.


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