International Investments in Organic Profits

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International investments in organic is good, for your wealth as well as your health. Our messages about international investments have looked at the reasons why its good to invest in organic. There is a huge growing market for clean wholesome food. Years ago we recommended taking a look at Horizon Dairy, why then truly were organic. We voiced concern when Horizon was purchased by Dean Foods. Could a company with 27,000 employees, over $10 billion a year in sales and a product line that includes such nutritional disasters as PET Milk, Hersey’s Chocolate Milk and Delight French vanilla Creamers really be honestly organic.

We jumped ship as consumers ourselves.

Our bad feelings about the new Horizon have regretfully come true.

Last August The Cornucopia Institute filed suit against Horizon, alleging a well-financed campaign to greenwash milk produced at factory farms that fail to meet USDA regulatory standards.

The institute stated that large factory farms, mostly operated in desert-like conditions in the arid West, have allegedly been doing more talking about pasturing their cows than the hard work required to truly produce organic milk,” said Mark Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst for The Cornucopia Institute, which filed a complaint. The current legal complaint alleges that Dean’s Idaho farm, now managing approximately 8000 head of cattle, has carefully created the “illusion” of pasturing, by putting their cows out on green fields “temporarily” for VIP visitors, but do not routinely offer pasture that has any feed value.

The complaint said that dean was putting cattle out on to what they call pasture in conditions of extreme heat, well into the 90s, without affording livestock any access to water. The complaint stated that Cornucopia had received expert testimony from a number of current and former employees, and outside contractors, who said that pasture had been eliminated as a primary feed source and had photographic evidence of all cattle in confinement when pasture conditions and weather were ideally suited for grazing.”

Dean has also had to face concerned investors at their annual shareholder meeting, and spent at least a third of the meeting time attempting to refute the concerns articulated by the consumer and farm advocacy groups.

This is why we shifted our organic milk buying to getting raw milk from local farmers when we can and when not buying “Organic Valley” organic milk.

The cooperative that produces “Organic Valley” Milk has been organic and farmer owned since 1988.

Their philosophy is based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. The coop now consists of 900 farm families who share a voice in the direction of the business. This is refreshing to see them compete in this era where big business dominates everything including government regulations on what organic really is.

This cooperative represents about 10% of America’s organic farmers. Each farmer establishes equity when they join the cooperative and it has a profit sharing model that pays 45% of the profit to the farmers, 45% to the employees and 10% profits to community.

To support the continued growth the Organic valley Cooperative is raising capital through the sale of Class E, Series 1 preferred Stock. You can get more details on this offering at the link at the end of this message.

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