Super Thinking & Longevity

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Super Thinking enhances longevity.

Another reader has shared his thoughts about the relationship between learning, diversity super thinking and longevity.

Super Thinking Longevity Quote:

“Oh Gary, I do agree with the gentleman who says that learning keeps us alive! I am part Native American and the rest of me is quite a combination of French, English, German and a few other that I am not sure about.

I am 62 and still in school. I guess I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. My class room is online and I am blessed to be in that class room with students from all over the world. One of my online advisors is from Ghana, my instructor is Asian and the students are from a variety of other places. The richness of learning globally is so intense that I cannot understand why anyone would want to limit their learning by being around only their “own kind.”

My best friend’s grandchildren live in Washington State. Both children are in private school and are learning Spanish, French and Mandarin. These children are growing up learning to communicate and to accept all colors, ages and beliefs. I must also say that both of them are truly wonderful to be around. They are polite, respectful and actually mind their parents.

Keep up the good lessons in your emails. I look forward every day to reading them. I don’t think I have ever not learned something either new or a new look at something old in each and every one.

I am on my way to Ecuador next weekend and look forward to a wonderful living and learning experience.

My love to you, Merri and Ma.”

We look forward to seeing her in Ecuador for our next Super Thinking + Spanish courses and hope you’ll join us as well. Here is one of our previous Super Thinking groups having fun.

Each day after our super thinking learning groups of words about specific areas, we visit a place that uses the words.

Here is a group visiting Lake Cuicocha, where would visit after learning words of nature.

You can see why we visit here. We also come to the lake for ceremonies during our shamanic tours.

Super everything to you!


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