Ecuador Exports in Coffee & Longevity

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Ecuador exports offer such potential that today Merri and I are back in Florida speaking at the AWAI Lucrative Traveler’s Seminar. We will be talking about a variety of Ecuador exports including Intag organic coffee. A number of delegates who have attended our courses have taken this excellent Ecuador export this back to sell.

Ecuador Export Quote

“One delegate wrote: “Gary, The coffee I brought home, Rio Intag, is really good. I took the suggestion to use a French press and it is SO good. I inquired at some local coffee shops and they are interested in getting some samples; however, they roast their own beans, so I would need to bring back ‘green beans’. Would that be possible and does this idea have any merit for Import/Export? I noted that the Café Tostado En Grano that I brought home is ‘100% Arabica and is shade grown under native trees’. If it is Organic to boot and perhaps ‘fair trade’, I think I could do a pretty good business with it. Thanks”

Intag coffee is a great Ecuador export that is both fair trade and organic so those who export it get a triple whammy of benefits. One they drink better coffee (good for health). Two, they earn money in a positive humanitarian way (good for longevity and the soul). Third, they enjoy really delicious coffee!

The quality of Coffee Rio Intag comes from its exquisite flavor, delicious aroma and the way it is cultivated, processed and commercialized, as well as in the people who make it and why.

Intag coffee is grown by small-scale farmers in their valleys and hillsides. They have been growing coffee under the shade of native trees, in an ideal habitat to produce 100% natural arabic coffee of unmatchable quality for over the last 100 years.

The coffee is carefully selected, washed, dried in the sun, roasted in small quantities and sold directly to the consumer. We serve this wonderful coffee here at El Meson de las Flores.

The growers also practice maintenance of the ecosystem that promotes sustainable development of the people, the land and produces great organic coffee!

Rio Intag is not far from us, up higher in the cloud forest and its wonderful ecological preserve. It’s a bird watchers’ paradise as well as a place where the people run productive farms with sustainable harvesting that preserves the ecosystem. This helps promote longevity for the coffee growers, the coffee drinkers and the flora, fauna and land.

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