Multi Currency Portfolios Impressive

by | Feb 15, 2007 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi currency portfolios performance is impressive. 

Attached are the five updated 2007 multi currency portfolios and their performance since November 1, 2006.

Portfolio December 29, 2007 January 30, 2007 February 6, 2007 February 26, 2007
Swiss Samba 8.10% 10.18% 13.83% 20.49%
Dollar Neutral 7.94% 12.63% 13.62% 20.28%
Emerging Market 15.11% 14.83% 17.46% 19.61%
Dollar Short 12.91% 9.71% 12.50% 18.17%
Green 34.77% 50.08% 63.04% 86.22%

The impressive performance continues in every direction with every portfolio rising and doing well.  The Green Portfolio is still running at a clip of nearly 250% per annum growth!  This portfolio simply has not slowed since it began last year.

Last update we stated that the rising strength of the Japanese yen was worth watching.  Those who did gained a good lesson because the yen plunged over the last two weeks. The Green portfolio which is 100% borrowed in yen gained part of its profit from that plunge. The cost of the $200,000 borrowed dropped from $194,000 to $192,850 for a pay off now.  We should continue to keep an eye on the Japanese yen.

Other portfolios have not fared so well on their loan values. The Swiss Samba Portfolio borrowed $150,000 in Swiss francs and now owes $151,835. The Emerging Market Portfolio borrowed $100,000 in Czech koruna and now owes $103,391.  However every equity in both of these portfolios is up. The only loss in the Swiss Samba is in the Mexican peso bonos.  It is worth noting that the Indian equity fund in the Emerging Market Portfolio is sluggish.

We will stick with these portfolios for a year to learn how they rise and fall, but the valuations in China and India should now be of some concern.

This may not be the case with the Green Portfolio.  The main profit in the Green Portfolio has come from explosive growth in different shares at different times.  First Vestas Wind Systems skyrocketed and is still strong. The initial investment of $51,000 is now worth $82,880. However now Q-Cells Ag has taken off. $51,000 invested there is now up to $77,191.

Q-Cells principal activities include development, production and marketing of solar cells. The products include polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon based solar cells. Its major customers are Renewable Energy Corporation and ScanModule. The Company operates mainly in Europe . Founded in 1999, Q-Cells AG is today the largest manufacturer of solar cells in Europe . With its current workforce of 800 employees, Q-Cells AG supplies independent module manufacturers in all strategic markets throughout the world.  The company has an innovative and continually developed product portfolio and a large and qualified research and development department.

The lesson here is that a small portfolio of good quality businesses in a growth industry can have explosive potential.  Though the Green Portfolio has performed amazingly well, it still has plenty of room for growth.

The two bond portfolios have performed outstandingly also.   Almost every investment has risen again except the Mexican bonos.

Overall this is a very good time to be an investor!

Until next update good international investments to you.


See attached file.

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