Natural Awakenings to Value in Peace

by | Feb 14, 2007 | Archives

Natural awakenings come when we learn about values in other places. Longevity is also greater when you are cool, not cold cool, but peaceful and calm, with less stress. One reason we love Ecuador is the lack of aggression. The normal reaction to stress here is laughter. In the North, especially in the US, it is anger. When we first get back to the US from staying here we really have to adjust once again to the horn honking, anger and push.

One delegate remarked on this when he recently observed a police arrest here in the village.

“Gary, I want to express my appreciation for your gracious hospitality on a recent stay at El Meson de los Flores. It was a relaxing three days.

“There was an incident on the street outside the hotel that might interest you. I was awakened one night by a ruckus on the street. Loud enough to prevent drifting off again I picked up my flashlight to check the time, 2:00 am. It sounded like several men were having an extra good time laughing and talking loudly. A few minutes later I heard a vehicle approach and red light flashed around the bedroom walls. I went to the window. There was a pickup parked on the otherwise empty two lane street headed from my right to left (on the far side of the street to the hotel) opposite my window. The four door police pickup truck with three policemen stopped abreast the first pickup (close to the hotel) only a half vehicle length ahead of the first pickup. One policeman exited the police truck’s left side standing under my window against the hotel wall watching the action holding a short barreled shotgun at ready. The other two policemen mixed it up with four clearly smashed Ecuadorians in the middle of the street between the two vehicles. I witnessed the arrest progress. The uproar increased (three more voices). Shortly the racket lessened. Then three men got into the police truck with two policemen. The third policeman got into the driver’s seat of the first pickup with one arrestee in the passenger’s seat and both vehicles drove off stage left. I crawled into bed marveling that there had not been a show of force, only insistent persuasion. No swinging night sticks, sitting on the curb or face down on the street, handcuffs, rough shoving or body searches even in the face of resistance. Only patient urging with shotgun backup. Might this incident reflect favorably on the Ecuadorian temperament?”

There has been a great blending in this country. The Spanish and Catholic influences have dominated for sure but, the less linear, calmer indigenous nature and lightness of a culture that evolved in vast richness of the equatorial sun has added a sweetness and respect for life not found in many other places.

I have noted this in other equatorial cultures as well. The Thai have this childlike innocence as well. The care and helpfulness of the people are very refreshing after spending any time in a northern city!

Until next message, may your natural awakenings lives and investments be long and fulfilled!


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