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Natural Awakenings to natural health can help us understand many factors that affect how long we live. Water is one. Remaining active enhances longevity as well.

Thinking about longevity is vital because longevity plays a key part in many aspects of macro and micro economics. At the personal micro level long lives create more time to make money or more time one’s capital has to last. At the macro level, longevity affects Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Aging societies lose with younger nations (most emerging countries are getting younger).

Being active and productive can enhance your longevity and wealth and protect you from running out of money. Having enough and living long go hand in hand.

Natural Awakenings Research on Longevity

Research on longevity took 678 Catholic Nuns aged 75 to 106 in the study and gave them rigorous mental and physical tests. The nuns granted scientists their long term medical records and pledged their brains to science. The conclusion so far is that aging is overrated. Old age can be just as fulfilling a part of life as adolescence!

What was most interesting were some conclusions about what might cause long, productive lives because these factors seem the same as those I have discovered also create wealth! “Those who are hopeful, happy and optimistic in attitude live much longer.” The research also found that those who had a rich vocabulary and were able to express themselves early in life were most likely to keep their intelligence intact in old age. Instead of the “use it or lose” motto, the new motto is “develop it and keep it!” The Sisters also had a life pretty free of tobacco, alcohol and excesses of any kind. They were also mellow which is attributed to a life of faith, prayer and community. Another key is that they are always looking forward. They have a purpose and keep their minds active, reading, talking and working. Purpose, hope, optimism, silence, activity, faith and continued growth are positive factors for wealth and longevity.

Natural Awakenings Quote

A reader shared this thought about longevity:

“Hello Gary, Good post on longevity. >From my own experience, I would add. Many of the men I have met who have been near retirement have no real sense of purpose beyond their occupation or job. When they do retire they ‘are under the old lady’s feet’. And are not happy with the arrangement. A wave of deaths from heart attacks gave rise to the cholesterol fixation. Many of these men who had the heart attacks were being displaced prematurely (or were under threat of being displaced) as the final wave of boomers was hitting an already crowded workforce.”

Another recent study has even more profound implications for remaining active as it shows that 55-year-old retirees die sooner than 65-year old retirees.

An article by Daniel DeNoon at WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD says: “A study of Shell Oil employees shows that people who retire at age 55 and live to be at least 65 die sooner than people who retire at 65. After age 65, the early retirees have a 37% higher risk of death than counterparts that retired at 65. That’s not all. People who retire at 55 are 89% more likely to die in the 10 years after retirement than those who retire at 65.”

Continue to serve and grow. Chances are you will live longer and in greater peace. This is why we are focusing on programs to help readers learn and earn. This is a huge natural awakenings to longevity.

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