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by | Feb 14, 2007 | Archives

International investments in water have been very profitable. Our 2007 international investments Multi Currency portfolios are doing well, but the green international investments portfolio especially proves that the idea of investing in the environment is not all wet! This international investments portfolio has risen 63.04% in three months. One reason why is that a part of the international investments is invested in water. One of the six shares in the portfolio is Hyflux, (up from $51,000 in November 2006 to $57,781 in Feb. 2007) and Kurita Water Industries (Up from $51,000 to $54,178).

I have been writing about making international investments in Singapore’s Hyflux for a number of years and like it just as much as when it began.

First, Singapore is a good value major market. According to Michael Keppler, the stock market value expert, there are only seven international investments major markets he feels have good price earnings ratios and good enough dividend yields and such to be ranked as good value. Looking for Singapore shares is a good place to begin your international investments search.

Second, international investments in water really make sense.

An August 2006 Reuters article by Scott Malone says that General Electric Company plans to invest international investments of $1 billion in water infrastructure projects by 2009. Alex Urquhart, president and chief executive officer of GE Energy Financial Services said that GE sees enormous capital that’s needed in water. He said that “Water is so strategically important today for the continued development of many countries.”

The article said that GE estimates that, overall, the world currently needs about international investments of $50 billion worth of water infrastructure.

GE Energy Financial Services primarily invests in energy infrastructure, such as electric power plants and has a $13 billion portfolio. The article also quoted Urquhart as saying, “I’d like to think that at some point down the road water investments could start to rival that. Clean water is a fundamental issue that society and humanity is going to face for years to come.”

Last March (2006) the Asian Development Bank announced that it will double the investments it will finance in the water sector over the next five years. The Bank sees a clear link between clean water and reducing poverty and will greatly increase its water investments for 2006-2010. These investments could grow to well over $2 billion annually which would make water a core business area of ADB’s operations.

Third, Hyflux is heavily involved in water purification in China. Recent messages have looked at how the Chinese stock market may now be overheated but that this area of growth is one of the world’s greatest. This growth is so important to the global economy and water in China is such a huge issue that some economists feel that lack of water in China could threaten the entire global economy.

Good water is a necessity of economic life and intelligent investments in water are likely to big winners in the years ahead.

Good water is important for longevity as well.

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