Natural Awakenings Longevity Value in Super Thinking

by | Feb 13, 2007 | Archives

Natural Awakenings is a holistic view that connects everything such as learning to longevity.

This is also why we created our Super Thinking + Spanish course. We saw in a recent message how learning Spanish can help you live longer. Here is what a New Yorker who took the course last year just shared.

Natural Awakenings Quote

“Hi Gary, I want to tell you something. I took your Spanish course in July of 2006. Although I had attended every class, I did not have the time to look over the materials as I was giving people healing sessions afterwards. When I returned home I slid into home base as if my time away never happened. Not once have I thought to pick up the course material and “study” some more. Mostly due to the fact that for several months I had mislaid them. However…..I was shopping in my local grocery store one day and there were some people speaking Spanish. I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention as I was deep in thought about which organic produce I was interested in. So……in my half aware mind…I was snapped back to attention when I heard myself say something to them in Spanish. You should have seen the smiles on their faces! I’m sure it was a simple phrase, and as soon as my limited conscious mind took over, I moved on quickly so as not to be engaged in a conversation that I could not keep up with. Recently I found myself dreaming a short phrase in Spanish. “Uno momento por favor” I remember saying. The point is…….all of this, although very simple phrases, stuck from the course, and without any further study, or even, the opportunity to keep up with the class that I had attended. I plan to take your course again sometime…and this time….I won’t do healing sessions afterwards.”

This is the key to a natural awakenings to super thinking, Spanish or not. Natural awakenings work even when you do not try. In fact that is part of the plan to keep you from having to strain which cuts off the flow of intelligence. With a natural awakenings to Super Thinking everything is better and easier and that’s what makes Super Thinking an incredible value. You can learn about our upcoming Super Thinking + Spanish course

Until next message, may all your natural awakenings be super!


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