Ecuador Real Estate Value in The Pines

by | Feb 13, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate offers great value. Here is a wonderful example. Last weekend we attended an inaugural ceremony for Phase #2 of the Ecuador real estate project Los Pinos. This Ecuador real estate development is being built down the street from us here in Cotacachi Ecuador. This real estate is in Otavalo Ecuador. Our friends, Clayton Black and his wife Elena, have done a terrific job of developing this Ecuador real estate. El Commercio (The Wall Street Journal of Ecuador) calls this the premier Ecuador property development in the Imbabura Province. The houses are very nice, three bedrooms, marble floors, nice styling, modern kitchens and such.

The common gardens as you can see below are stunning.

Yet these homes in one of the most expensive parts of the Province are Ecuador real estate for sale in the low 90s!

This is great Ecuador real estate value and I expect wave of retiring baby boomers and more escaping the cold, the heat, the high costs, the pressures of liability, high insurance and medical care expenses and stress of North America will move here. So we invest ahead of the thundering herd.

Ecuador real estate offers great value but Ecuador can help your longevity as well. See why in the final portion of this message at


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