Ecuador Import Export Can Patch Up Your Income with Duct Tape

by | Feb 12, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador Import Export offers global earnings and freedom in most unusual ways. Technology makes earning income globally so much easier than it used to be. When I first moved to Honk Kong in the 60s, it sometimes took days to make an international call. We had to call the operator and book the call. The operator would then put the call through in two to four hours. One never knew when this would happen so were stuck to waiting by the phone (remember we had no cell phones way back then). If no one answered (no answer phones then either) or there was a busy signal (no call waiting then) you went back into the queue and waited another tow hours or more, stuck by the phone.

Then came direct dial and answer phones and then the fax and cell phones and then the internet and then VOIP.

We now have a VOIP service at El Meson so our guests can call the US, Canada or Europe FREE! However things are getting even better. Blaine Watson just sent me this note.

“Gary, now you can call anyone, anywhere in the world, completely free of charge from your phone. Go to and register.

Once registered you simply type in your phone number and the phone number you are calling to make a call. Your phone will ring and you answer. Then the phone you are calling will ring and voila you have your call. There is no charge at all if the person you call is also registered. If the person you are calling is not registered you can still call them from you phone but it will cost .034 per minute. That low rate works anywhere in the world.”

These great advances in communication allow us to live, work and earn wherever we choose so we are continually looking for ideas to help our readers earn here. Sometimes really obvious things are missing that go unnoticed until suddenly the need becomes clear. We always look for great items you can export from Ecuador but also ideas you can bring here as well.

Last week, I bought two pieces of primitive art painted on goatskin in the Otavalo market. Here they are. One was torn on the way home. “It’s okay,” I thought. “I’ll just duct tape this back together.” That thought uncovered a great need for someone to fill. I cannot find Duct Tape here! How does the place stay together?

Got Duct Tape? They do not where we are in Ecuador! We are continually looking for items that can be exported from and imported to Ecuador and the missing Duct Tape is one of the little things we just realized is not here. Plus coat hangers cost a fortune! You can tap into our most updated import-export, real estate and tour opportunities in Ecuador.

This is why we have created, an Ecuador internet research service. We are continually sniffing out what’s going on in Ecuador and reporting to our subscribers. Shortly we will be offering this service to the public at large for $119. This is a chance to enroll now at our old price of $49 and save $70. Go to

Until next message, may all your ideas for health and wealth hang together well.


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