Ecuador Real Estate is Fishy

by | Feb 11, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate offers great opportunity and Sunday is a great day to discuss markets…but not the ones that rise and fall as in property, stock, bonds and commodities.

This is a day of markets for food!

Ecuador Real Estate Benefits from Food

Thursday we went to the fish market. This is the day that the vendors bring in wonderful fresh seafood to Ibarra market from Ecuador’s Pacific coast which is a few hours drive away.

There are dozens and dozens of vendors with all types of fish. Here they even have the fish painted on the wall!

Being coastal real estate residents for decades, Merri and I brought our chef, Santiago who has always lived in Andean real estate, to train him how to select only the freshest fish for our Quinoa Café.

The fish there were wonderful. Here are fresh shrimp of all types and a coastal fish we call Drum. What’s interesting is that many of the Pacific fish here are the same we had from the Gulf of Mexico. We found baskets and baskets of fish, shrimp, calamari, crab and conchs.

We bought Drum, Reds, Pompano, Calamari and many pounds of shrimp, enough to feed 12 people four meals. The price was under $30.

We helped our chef, Santiago, cook the meals and had shrimp coconut quinoa, quinoa paella, bouillabaisse and pan sautéed red fish and beans.

Today’s meal was great because the fish are so fresh. Here was some of our catch!

Today we cooked Thai coconut shrimp on a quinoa-rice combination. This consisted of fresh coconut (purchased at the market as well) copped in chunks and sautéed with carrots, onions and celery. Then lightly pan steamed red fish and tiger shrimp are added. This is mixed in a bed of quinoa and rice. The Thai sauce (that’s my job – I’m the saucy one round here) consists of fresh squeezed limes, a hint of garlic, lots of ginger, a little panella (cane sugar), a touch of curry paste, panned in the coconut water and then blended with pan roasted peanuts.

One guests said it was the best meal they had ever eaten. Not bad, enjoyed al fresco in the court yard under a brilliant clear sky for seven bucks.

One other nice ingredient is the Salinas salt we use. I bought five pounds in the market for $1.50. This is salt that’s healthy not the refined stuff that Morton’s passes off as something worth consuming. Salinas parish covers a rural area of Ecuador stretching from the pastures of the 13,000 foot Andes down to tropical valleys where people grow sugar, bananas and cocoa. It has graveled roads, a school in almost every hamlet, a network of co-operative businesses and a thriving population of about 10,000 who no longer seek work in the cities. Salt springs near us at Salinas in Imbabura, have long been used by the natives.

You cannot buy this in the US but there is an alternative, Himalayan Crystal Salt. Check out This is salt with a value.

Speaking of value, the market is huge. There is this fish section. There are also separate sections for fruit, flowers, poultry, meat, vegetables, dry goods, live chickens and guinea pigs and even a section to eat and drink juices. Here is a wonderful scene that one cannot value! I spotted this in the fruit section, “Baby Nestled in Bananas!”

Ecuador Real Estate Offers Value as does the International Club

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Until next message I invite you to come down and look at Ecuador real estate with us.

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