Ecuador Real Estate in Cotacachi Expands with Real Growth

by | Feb 10, 2007 | Archives

Ecuador real estate offers great opportunity and you can see it here in Cotacachi Ecuador. There is a lot of construction going on in town and I took this shot on our morning walk. Ecuador offers such freedom. Take this example. When a contractor starts to build, he dumps his cement right on the sidewalk and in the road. This creates a little traffic inconvenience but overall is the simplest way. Try this up north! Imagine the liability, plus the violations of innumerable rules and regulations.

This is why I am investing more in Ecaudor real estate now.

There are so many fewer rules and regulations here in Ecuador that owning real estate it is refreshing. Living in Ecuador gives one a sense of freedom that is not attained in the colder climates, both because the weather is easy, the cost of living so low and the people are not so up tight!

My belief is that Ecuador real estate will also prosper because the liability laws are not out of balance here! One does not have to spend all of one’s time working to be able to pay insurance premiums when you own Ecuador real estate.

Until next message I invite you to come down and look at Ecuador real estate with us.


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