Natural Awakenings on ways to Live Longer

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Natural Awakenings give us a holistic view to happiness, natural health and longevity. Natural awakenings are holistic in view which is why we can see how learning Spanish can help us live longer.

Natural Awakenings Quotes

Here is a really important natural awakenings point about longevity and learning Spanish. It can help you live longer! A reader shared:

“Gary, I agree with you. Even though I have no intention of leaving English speaking North America due to the fact that, at age 76 I have arrythmia and mild diabetes making travel insurance TOOOOOO expensive for me. However I can converse una pocita en Espanol, Un petite en Francais, Eine kleine bischen, im Deutsche, and a little in Polish and Ukrainian, even found that shih shih (phonetic spelling) is thank you in Mandarin. Practicing these creates better relations with persons that I might meet that use these languages, but the most important reason I embarked on the idea is that by learning more we utilize the only way known to exercise the brain. Sort of anti Altzheimers push ups. Keep on doing what you do ’cause reading your daily contribution is another form of the exercise routine. Ken”

Ken has this natural awakenings idea right!

A study by Dr. Adriana Lleras-Muney on ways to maintain the brain suggests that learning Spanish or anything can help you remain young and alive. This was aimed at determining if education played a significant role with regard to longevity. The research found that by age 35, life expectancy was extended by about 18 months with just one extra year of education. The increase in longevity was exponential when more years of education were added.

This thought is enough for me to repeat, “Always keep growing and learning!” Change in life is the only certainty. Rip away the robes of prejudice that cover us all. Stop letting the past thoughts taint your vision of the here and now and rob you of clear seeing the future. Learn things that can help you enjoy life more in the world that exists not the one you wish for. These are actions that will bring you a natural awakening to better health, more wealth and happiness.

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